TommyInnit releases new Minecraft Hunger Games video with Wilbur Soot and others

TommyInnit's Hunger Games was hilarious (Image via TommyInnit)
TommyInnit's Hunger Games was hilarious (Image via TommyInnit)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

By default, Minecraft only has four game modes - adventure, spectator, creative and survival. However, players have created many types of custom mini-games. Hunger Games is among the most played games by the community.

On January 10, TommyInnit, one of the most prominent Minecraft YouTubers, released a video featuring several popular content creators. In the video, TommyInnit invites 16 players to play his version of the Hunger Games.

big ol' minecraft hunger games is out today. some fun little screenshots here boys

The video titled "Minecraft's Funniest YouTuber Hunger Games..." indeed turned out to be hilarious. Many fans enjoyed the hysterical interaction between the YouTubers.

Minecraft streamer TommyInnit invited Wilbur Soot, Philza, Tubbo, and more to play Hunger Games


TommyInnit is known for collaborating with some of the biggest names on YouTube and Twitch. Other than TommyInnit, the following players participated in these games:

Team 1

  1. TommyInnit
  2. WilburSoot
  3. AntVenom
  4. TapL

Team 2

  1. Philza
  2. McYum
  3. Sneegsnag
  4. GeeNelly

Team 3

  1. Tubbo
  2. Pigicial
  3. CaptainSparklez
  4. Karl Jacobs

Team 4

  1. James Mariott
  2. Ted Nivision
  3. JermoeASF
  4. Fundy

Team 5

  1. Lazarbeam

As anticipated, the entire game was chaotic. Nobody followed their team and went on their own paths. Lazerbeam had a lonely start and decided to burn everything on TommyInnit's map. He later teamed up with JeromeASF, Fundy, and Ted Nivision.

Ranboo played the role of "God" in TommyInnit's Hunger Games. He was always in the creative mode and had access to all commands. Ranboo went from group to group and talked with them throughout the video. He also forced them into fights and gave them items from the creative menu a few times.

tubbo taking the first kill in tommy's hunger games video

The primary goal in the Hunger Games is to be the last man standing. Credit for the first kill in the video went to Tubbo, who defeated AntVenom. After this first killing, everything became more chaotic as teams started fighting and even breaking out.

The shrinking border was slow and didn't force players into a fight as expected. Because of this, Ranboo caused a rain of fire to damage players. After some time, fights broke out, and players started dying.

In the end, TommyInnit and Philza emerged as the last two survivors. Sadly, there can only be one winner in hunger games. Tommy and Philza decided to duke it out.

Philza attacked Tommy, causing him to fall from a height and die, meaning Philza won TommyInnit's Hunger Games tournament.

Fans of the streamers have already left more than 14,000 comments on the YouTube video, which is nearing 2,000,000 views.

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