Top 10 Moments from Pewdiepie's Minecraft Series

"MINECRAFT" (Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
"MINECRAFT" (Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
Hannah (Tyler) Dahlberg

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg's Minecraft series began in late June of 2019. Since the beginning, it left a lasting mark on the Minecraft community.

Spanning forty-five episodes with a plethora of memorable moments to accompany the Minecraft series, Felix goes about his Minecraft let's-play in an, almost ironic, way that's engaging for viewers.

The series has sparked so much love, and even a rise in the online presence of Minecraft. But, in no particular order, which moments from the series thus far were the most memorable?

Top 10 Moments from Pewdiepie's Minecraft Series

#10: Joergen's First Death

(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

Joergen was the first Minecraft horse Felix tamed at the beginning of the series. All felt well, and it looked as if the two would go on to share many adventures together. For a while, they did.

Until Felix decided to take Joergen into the Nether with him.

After attempting to take his horse through the portal, again, to go home, Joergen suffocated in the wall surrounding it. Felix was unable to save his horse, marking the first significant death of the Minecraft series.

Joergen #1's death always lingered throughout the series. Felix made, and kept refurbishing, a grave in honor of the first horse that was gone too soon.

#9: Befriending Sven

"He needs a name... Sven!" (Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
"He needs a name... Sven!" (Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

After the death of the first Joergen (and the subsequent taming of the second Joergen) there was a hole in the viewer's hearts. There was room in there for Felix to obtain, and fall in love with, another pet.

While adventuring outwards, Felix came across a Minecraft wolf. After trapping him in a cave with only a puddle of water and an apple. Felix finally came back to tame the wolf — successfully.

With this sentiment, one of the most iconic pet personalities in the series was born:

"He needs a name... Sven! It's Sven! Sven is on the attack."

#8: Saving Sven

(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

Sven was, and is, a symbol of Felix's Minecraft series. But, what happens when the innocent but fearsome Sven comes face to face with death?

While sailing across the ocean, there were some close calls, with Joergen #2 almost drowning while Felix was looting some underwater ruins.

But when the group hit an underwater ravine smothered in magma blocks, Sven had no choice but to be pulled down, into the abyss, and away from the surface. Felix ended the episode upon discovering that Sven was safe in a dry cave in the underwater ravine, vowing to get his wolf back.

Viewers absolutely shared this emotional intensity over Sven. Offering comments of support on the initial video and hastily figuring out solutions to get him to the surface safely.

In the following episode of the series, he begins the process of rescuing Sven.

With no time to spare, he makes quick work of traveling back down. Felix was able to guide him out of the cave and through the water utilizing a lead.

With how mutually emotionally gripping this event was, it becomes one of the crown moments in the Minecraft series.

#7: Torturing Water Sheep

(Art by Finic on YouTube)
(Art by Finic on YouTube)

Water Sheep (also known as "jeb_") is another symbol of Felix's Minecraft series.

In the beginning, he began as a multi-color Minecraft sheep bouncing against the current of the water near Felix's house.

His arc of character didn't happen until a little later in the series, when Felix decided to utilize his redstone knowledge and create torture devices for the sheep.

He taunts the sheep's futile attempts to escape what torture awaits him. This comes to a head when Felix puts a magma block on one end of a sticky piston, accidentally killing Water Sheep.

He feigns remorse for his actions, repeating a quote viewers would hear many times throughout the duration of the series, mostly after deaths in the game:

"I can't believe it... Water Sheep was like a father to me."

#6: Jorgen's Second Death

(Image via KingCow on YouTube)
(Image via KingCow on YouTube)

The first death of the first Joergen was devastating. But the death of the second Joergen hit deeper because of how unexpected it was.

After accidentally figuring out that Joergen could fit inside of a minecart, he sends the horse down his mineshaft just for the fun of it. Because the mineshaft was a consistent one-block width (when horses need at least two blocks width to be comfortable) Joergen suffocated to death on his ride.

Felix discovers the remains of Joergen in the empty minecart and the episode ends with an abrupt cut in the tense music, and a black screen.

#5: The Pee Pee Poo Poo Army

(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

After Joergen's second death, Felix began to go off the rails a bit. He ventures out in search of a new Minecraft pet he can ride. He finds and tames a donkey that dies later on in the same episode, further devastating him.

Felix, out of rideable mob options, finds a Minecraft pig out in the wild and ponders about saddling it. He does and controls it using a carrot on a stick, which amasses more pigs to follow his own.

Felix names the original pig, "Pee Pee Poo Poo."

He leads the entire army of pigs home, and puts them in a pen alongside Pee Pee Poo Poo. Over the next couple of episodes h continuously breeds the army.

In episode twenty-two of the series, we see the death of the original Pee Pee Poo Poo after Felix mistakes hitting him with a splash healing potion while using the item.

However, not all is lost. As Felix realizes that the consciousness of the original Pee Pee Poo Poo has never gone. When one pig dies, the next carries the torch once the saddle has been put on him. He surmises that the entire army of pigs he's herded and bred is to collectively become the consciousness of Pee Pee Poo Poo.

#4: Felix defeats The Wither

(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

Viewers were anxious to see how Felix would fair up against one of Minecraft's most infamous bosses, The Wither.

The Minecraft boss was the only impass between him obtaining a nether star, and later being able to craft a beacon. On episode twenty-five, the fight finally took place.

Felix did not come to this fight unprepared, though. He enchanted his trident with channeling, allowing him to summon lightning when thrown during the rain. Repeatedly throwing the trident into his pen of pigs transformed the lot into an army of zombie pigmen.

When Wither spawned, although it was dangerously close to his home base, the entity was too focused on shooting its skulls towards the zombie pigmen army to pay much mind to the other mobs and structures around Felix's home.

This clever distraction led the boss away from disastrous destruction, and took the focus off of Felix attempting to kill him. It was an intense battle full of doubts towards the newly zombified Pee Pee Poo Poo army, but in the end — it was won.

#3: Ikea Tower

(Image via PewDiePie Wiki)
(Image via PewDiePie Wiki)

The Ikea Tower has a long history in correspondence to the Minecraft series.

It started as just a monument to honor Felix's heritage. Soon after Joergen's second death, it became not just a monument, but a mass grave.

After defeating the Wither, he was able to collect a nether star. Carefully taking apart every grave he dug thus far to create one beacon from the nether star and from the materials he made the graves.

The graves included in the beacon were that of the first, and second, Joergen's, and Water Sheep's. The beacon now rests in Ikea Tower.

The original tower's been destroyed in an explosion orchestrated in malice with the Council of Beetroot.

#2: The Giant Meatball

(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

The creation of a giant meatball should come as no surprise given Felix's many Swedish symbols scattered throughout his Minecraft builds.

But the sheer task of building a massive hollow sphere in Minecraft is no easy task, and certainly nothing to overlook on the surface. Viewers can see its progression in the background over the course of the series, but it's never officially introduced, or finished, until episode sixteen.

The giant meatball is made entirely of Minecraft dirt blocks, and is a symbol of friendship, as Felix goes on to lament how he built the structure alongside Sven.

"For many years, me and Sven have built, together, this structure. A structure that symbolizes the power of friendship. The power of love, and the power of perserverence."

Later, the structure would grow to have both a piston elevator and then bubble columns taking Felix up to the top of the massive sphere.

#1: The End(er Dragon)

(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)
(Image via PewDiePie on YouTube)

It may seem cliche, but defeating Minecraft's final, and most formidable, boss is no unremarkable moment.

It began with Pee Pee Poo Poo pushing him into the end portal and sending him to the final fight without warning. While digesting the betrayal of his friend, Felix dives into his fight with the Minecraft Ender Dragon.

He manages to wrestle with the beast and destroy some of the crystals that allow it to regenerate health. Pee Pee Poo Poo suddenly appears to have gone through the portal. Remembering his promise to beat the final Minecraft boss alongside him, Felix went to mount his steed and continue the fight.

Instead of making it down the single block path from the portal platform to the main End Island, he falls off.

Both Pee Pee Poo Poo and Felix died in that fall off the edge, and into the void.

After re-making his shield and armor, he charges back into the fight. Securing every single Enderman on the island inside of a boat, so they don't bother him during the fight with the dragon.

Utilizing the in-game mechanic that makes beds blow up if you attempt to sleep in them in any region other than the overworld, Felix manages to get massive hits on the dragon while it's resting on the ground near the center.

In the end, one single arrow finishes the dragon, marking victory for Felix's Minecraft run.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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