Top 3 rarest fishes in Minecraft

Different fish types (Image via Mojang)
Different fish types (Image via Mojang)

To put it simply, the Overworld of Minecraft is a simulation of the planet Earth. In fact, it is a lot bigger than the size of Earth. Players can find various geological features like rivers, mountains, forests, deserts, etc.

However, these terrain features are not enough to make the game feel like the real world. Mobs bring life to all the biomes in Minecraft. Players can find many types of mobs, with lots of them inspired by real creatures like cats, wolves, horses, and even fish.

Players can find many types of fish in areas like rivers and oceans. Here are the top three rare fishes that players can find in Minecraft.

Top 3 fishes that are difficult to come across in Minecraft

3) Cod

Cod fish (Image via Mojang)
Cod fish (Image via Mojang)

Cod is one of the most common mobs in Minecraft. But some players may not know that finding cod can become difficult at times given its spawning area. Cod spawns only in the following ocean biomes:

  • Cold Ocean
  • Deep Cold Ocean
  • Lukewarm Ocean
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Ocean
  • Deep Ocean

Unlike salmon, which spawn in both oceans and rivers, cod is limited to oceans only. Unless players have spawned near the oceans, finding cold early in the game is a challenge in itself.

Players can kill cod to get raw cod. Like raw salmon, it can be cooked in a furnace. Ingesting one cooked cod restores 2.5 hunger points.

2) Pufferfish

Filled with far too much water and who-knows-what-else, the pufferfish isn’t quite the tasty snack you may have been craving. It makes for a great potion, though!Learn all about nature’s most justifiably grumpy birthday balloon:↣

Pufferfish spawn in a limited number of biomes. Players can find pufferfish in the following biomes only:

  • Lukewarm Ocean
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Warm Ocean

Pufferfish is the only mob directly used as an ingredient for brewing potions in Minecraft. Players can make potions of Water Breathing using pufferfish. Unlike other fish, pufferfish can damage players who get too close to them.

1) Tropical fish


Tropical fish are some of the most beautiful mobs. The reason behind it is their immense variety. Despite the fact that there are 2700 unique types of tropical fishes, they are very rare because they are only found in select bodies of water. They have different colors, sizes, patterns, and fin patterns leading to an absurd number of individual designs.

Collecting each type of tropical fish would take almost forever as many designs look similar, and it becomes pretty hard to note the difference. Tropical fish spawn in the following biomes:

  1. Lukewarm Ocean
  2. Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  3. Warm Ocean
  4. Lush Caves

Moreover, tropical fish are usually used for breeding axolotls. They also serve as great decorations for aquatic builds.

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