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Axolotl In Minecraft

Axolotls are tamable, underwater mobs in the rivers of the lush caves. It will produce a bucket of axolotl by tapping on it with a water bucket. There are different color variations which are Leucistic, Wild, Cyan, Gold, and a rare blue one with orange frills that has a very minute chance of spawning. Axolotls are effective in helping the player in aquatic combat. They can fight drowned, guardians, and elder guardians, and can also help players hunt squid and fish. Players can usher around an army of Axolotl making it much easier to infiltrate underwater temples

Health points14
Attack strength2 (Only with fish, squids, glow squids, drowned, and guardians.)
Items usable onBucket of Tropical Fish, Lead, Tropical Fish, Water Bucket


These mobs are located in the new biome of Lush Cave. By looking out for a new Acacia tree, and then searching along its roots will lead you to one of the colorful caverns. Axolotls come in five varieties, with a rare type being the bluish-purple one. They come in pink, light blue, bluish-purple, orange, and brown. Axolotls picked up and re-spawned with a bucket will not retain their color. Baby axolotls picked up will not sustain their growth stage and transition into an adult stage.


Axolotls in Minecraft


Axolotls act passively towards players and can also be attached to leads. They were intended to give Regeneration I and remove Mining Fatigue when a player kills a mob that an axolotl is in combat with; however, this currently does not work. They only attack drowned and guardians upon being tempted with tropical fish by a player. Drowned and guardians always attack axolotls. Axolotls are hostile to fish, squids and glow squids.

On land, axolotls will try to move to the nearest water source because they die outside of water after 6000 game ticks. Nonetheless, they do not die on land if the weather is rainy or a thunderstorm, unlike fish, dolphins, and squid.

An axolotl may pretend to be dead if it takes damage underwater, consequently dropping to the ground for 200 game ticks while gaining Regeneration I. Monsters will ignore healing axolotls. There is a 1⁄3 chance for an axolotl to play dead to recover 4 health points.


Breeding Axolotls in Minecraft

It is possible to breed adult axolotls with tropical fish or tropical fish buckets. The parents will not be bred again for 5 minutes after a baby axolotl spawns, and 1-7 experience is spawned. Baby axolotl has a 1⁄1200 probability of being the unusual blue variant. It will inherit the variant from its parents if it isn’t the blue version. It takes 20 minutes for babies to grow up and follow adults. Using tropical fish, the development of baby axolotls can be slowly accelerated; with each use taking 10 percent off the remaining growing time.


There is no specific process for taming these organisms. Players can, however, capture them in buckets by equipping a bucket and clicking on the area of water with an axolotl present. You can then empty the buckets in your own body of water near your base and the next time you go on a rai you bring these friends for your assistance especially when raiding an ocean temple.


Did You Know?

  1. Axolotls headbutt to attack.

  1. If two ponds are near each other, an Axolotl may leave the first pond and run over to the other pond. If they spend more than a few seconds out of the water, their speed falls heavily.

  1. They are the first Minecraft mob to have their name start with an A.

  1. If they are out of water, they will slowly move towards the nearest water source that they can find.

  1. They will swim around with the player if holding a tropical fish or tropical fish bucket in their hand

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