Top 3 uses for eyes of ender in Minecraft

Uses for eyes of ender (Image via Minecraft)
Uses for eyes of ender (Image via Minecraft)

When speedrunning Minecraft, players will need to gather many specific items required to go to the End dimension and beat the Ender dragon.

Out of all the items, the eye of ender is arguably the most important one for any speedrunner. Unless they are extremely lucky and find an already activated End portal, players will need the eyes of ender to complete Minecraft.

To craft the eyes of ender, players will have to obtain ender pearls and blaze powder. This article shares the various uses for the eyes of ender in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Best uses for eyes of ender

3) Locating the stronghold


The eyes of ender are primarily used for locating strongholds in Minecraft. Strongholds are rare structures containing the End portal, which usually generate over a thousand blocks from the world center.

As strongholds are underground structures, players need the eyes of ender to find the exact location of a stronghold. When an eye of ender is thrown, it will levitate and travel 12 blocks toward the nearest stronghold.

Players will have to travel in the same direction and throw another eye of ender at a certain distance to locate the stronghold. Professional speedrunners can locate a stronghold with just three to four eyes of ender. Casual players may need more to find a stronghold.

2) Activating the End portal

Activating the End portal (Image via Minecraft)
Activating the End portal (Image via Minecraft)

Almost every player needs the eyes of ender to activate the End portal found in a stronghold. The End portal consists of 12 portal frames. Players will have to place one eye of ender in all portal frames to activate the End portal.

Sometimes, portal frames can generate with one eye of ender already placed. Nonetheless, it is better to have 12 eyes of ender ready for the portal.

1) End crystals and Ender chests


The eyes of ender are necessary for respawning the Ender dragon. Players can make an end crystal using an eye of ender, a ghast tear and seven glass blocks. Four end crystals are placed on four sides of the exit portal in the End dimension to respawn the Ender dragon.

Using an eye of ender, players can craft an ender chest, one of the best blocks in Minecraft. Items inside the ender chest do not drop even when mined and can be accessed from other ender chests.

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