Top 3 ways to get nether wart in Minecraft

Nether wart is a key potion brewing ingredient and is relatively easily obtained (Image via Minecraft)
Nether wart is a key potion brewing ingredient and is relatively easily obtained (Image via Minecraft)

Nether wart is a key ingredient in brewing the awkward potion, which is needed to create almost all potions in Minecraft.

Gamers taking on dangerous foes such as the Ender dragon may find themselves in dire need of a significant amount of potions. In such situations, players will need to first get their hands on as many nether warts as possible.

Luckily, after using the correct strategy, it's surprisingly easy to quickly gather a large number of nether warts. The best of such methods in Minecraft will be highlighted in this article.

Most suitable ways to obtain nether wart in Minecraft

3) Within Nether Fortresses


Nether Fortresses are the most sustainable way in which players can find their first batch of nether warts. Most typically, nether warts are often found to be growing close to the staircases within Nether Fortresses.

Originally, this was the only way for players to come across nether warts in Minecraft. It is, therefore, essential for them to explore nether fortresses before trying their hand at brewing potions.

2) Inside Bastion Remnants


Bastion Remnants are the latest way in which players can naturally come across nether warts in Minecraft. These huge structures generate in every nether biome minus basalt deltas.

Players searching for nether warts should specifically look within the central courtyard of the bastion remnant. The central courtyard can be easily identified as the small piece of land that connects each of the piglin housing units within the bastion remnant.

1) Farming


Farming is undoubtedly the best way to consistently and quickly amass a large quantity of nether warts in Minecraft. Players can go from only having a few nether warts, to having hundreds in only a few hours of gametime provided the correct farming techniques are used.

Currently, there's no way to speed up the growth of nether warts in Minecraft. The only (and fastest) method is to plant them upon soul sound and then wait for the freshly planted warts to grow (this can be done in either the overworld or the nether).

There's no set time for nether warts to grow, as their growth function is randomized. On average, most plants will take around 20-30 minutes to fully mature, although it can be much faster or slower than that.

Confident players can even automate part of their farm by using simple redstone and piston mechanics. Unlike many other types of farms, however, neither wart farms cannot be fully automated because farmer villagers refuse to plant them.



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