Top 5 amazing Minecraft futuristic house designs

Futuristic Minecraft houses are among the most popular genre of house style (Image via A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT, YouTube)
Futuristic Minecraft houses are among the most popular genre of house style (Image via A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT, YouTube)

Minecraft house designs can come in various unique shapes, sizes, and patterns. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to picking a Minecraft house style to build, and there are dozens of different types of houses players can be inspired by.

Since the game's inception, one of the most popular styles of Minecraft houses among players has been that of futuristic homes. As the name suggests, these houses are based on speculation of what future homes may look like.

They often feature advanced technology and clever designs throughout the house.

Five blueprints for building an epic futuristic style Minecraft house

Gamers interested in learning how to build a futuristic house for themselves in Minecraft can check out the tutorials below, detailing how to create five of the most breathtaking futuristic homes.

5) Fururistic Modern House


Up first is a relatively simple design created by popular Minecraft YouTuber "Greg Builds". This design features a modular approach, with several different rooms and lounges built in a non-conventional and futuristic manner.

Although this build is relatively inexpensive with its quartz exterior, players having trouble gathering enough quartz blocks can instead opt for white concrete blocks as a substitute, which produces a near-identical look.

4) Futuristic Piston House


Minecraft YouTuber "Mumbo Jumbo" showcases the blueprints for an intelligent, futuristic house design in this video.

Although the esthetics of this house may be somewhat simple and perhaps even described as bland, what makes it stand out as a futuristic build is the advanced automation. The home impressively uses pistons to automate various mundane processes, including base defense, smelting, automated doors, and much more.

3) Ultra Modern House


In this next Minecraft futuristic house design tutorial, popular Minecraft YouTuber "WiederDude Tutorials" showcases perhaps the funkiest build on this list.

It features two unique floors connected unconventionally, featuring a centralized staircase that protrudes through the entirety of the build.

This build is relatively cheap in terms of resources, requiring mainly quartz, stained glass, and wood. Furthermore, it takes advantage of vertical spacing, making it a good choice for Minecraft survival servers where space may be limited due to server building restrictions.

2) Futuristic modern house with a water slide


Prominently featuring more than just a splash of color, in this video tutorial, Minecraft YouTuber "TSMC" showcases a futuristic house that enjoys amenities such as glass tunnels, water slides, and much more.

Although perhaps not the most sophisticated build on this list, the use of color can really help a house stand out from the crowd. The playful but tasteful design also makes for a unique sight that is both iconic and easily recognizable.

However, like many flashy things in life, this build comes with a cost and won't be viable for everyone, especially players early on in the game. The sheer variety of concrete and clay blocks needed to create this house are only realistically attainable for late-game survival players.

1) Realistic modern mansion in a futuristic style


Last but definitely not least, Minecraft YouTuber "A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT" documents how to build an epic modern Minecraft mansion in a futuristic style.

This build is easily the biggest on the list and features a sizeable futuristic building split into multiple sections. Just like any mansion worth its salt, this build comes with a bunch of fancy features, such as a pool, indoor farm, and even an extensive outdoor dining area complete with seating.

With regards to resources, gamers will be pleased to know that this design doesn't require anything too expensive outside of a fair bit of stone and quartz to construct.

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