Top 5 animal mobs in Minecraft

Wonder what this place smells like? (Image via Minecraft)
Wonder what this place smells like? (Image via Minecraft)
Joe Greene
Modified 24 Feb 2021
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Minecraft is home to countless animal friends. However, some animals are just better to have around than others!

When thinking about which animal players want to have around, they need to think about what resources they need the most. Not all animals below provide great resources, but their usefulness is too good not to be included!

Five best animal mobs in Minecraft

#5 - Sheep

Hey pal! (Image via Minecraft)
Hey pal! (Image via Minecraft)

While many may argue, sheep are the best all-round animal to farm in Minecraft. They provide infinite wool, and their mutton provides good Saturation.

If players had to choose one animal for food, resources, and cuteness, sheep are the way to go!

#4 - Horses

We're going to Tahiti! (Image via Minecraft)

Most players already know how useful horses can be! If they are planning on a long-distance adventure, horses will be their best friends.

Players can ride horses, which improves moment speed drastically. The highest breed horses can even jump five blocks high! Horses also have an inventory of 27 slots.

Players can also equip their horses with armor for more dangerous adventures.

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#3 - Cats

Here kitty kitty... (Image via Minecraft)
Here kitty kitty... (Image via Minecraft)

Cats are fabulous animals due to their base defense capabilities.

If players have multiple cats, they can be placed at every entrance in their base. Since Creepers are scared of cats, players won't have to worry about one sneaking into their base and blowing up their diamonds!

#2 - Mooshrooms

Smooshy? (Image via Minecraft)
Smooshy? (Image via Minecraft)

If players can find them, mooshrooms can be fantastic friends to have around.

Mooshrooms provide the player with steak, one of the best food items in Minecraft. They can also be milked with a bucket, giving players milk to remove any status effect.

If the mooshroom is struck by lightning, it will turn into a Brown Mooshroom. These special mooshrooms can produce Suspicious Stew when given a flower.

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#1 - Wolves

Dogs are better! (Image via Minecraft)
Dogs are better! (Image via Minecraft)

A Steve's best friend!

While many will argue that cats are more useful than wolves, the latter are better for multiple reasons. Firstly, wolves can be used as battle buddies against the dangerous mobs of Minecraft. Cats can't! On top of that, wolves will chase skeletons away, which stops them from shooting those horrid arrows!

If players live in a forest where it is hard to ride a horse, a wolf is a great friend to have around. Gamers are recommended to travel with a wolf pack for ultimate protection.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

Published 24 Feb 2021
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