Top 5 best Minecraft iron farms

Image via Youtube/Gnembon
Image via Youtube/Gnembon

Iron is one of the most versatile resources in Minecraft. Every player needs an iron farm in their world. Iron farms work by scaring villagers using zombies/pillagers. When a group of villagers are scared, they spawn an iron golem for protection.

Players can use this mechanism to create automatic iron farms. This article shares some of the best iron farms in Minecraft for beginners as well as veterans.

Top 5 best Minecraft iron farms

#5 - Zombie-less iron farm


Most iron farms require either a zombie or pillager to scare villagers forcing them to spawn iron golems. This farm relies on villagers' usual behavior to spawn iron golems. Even when villagers are not scared, they can still spawn iron golems.

This farm is slow but good for beginners and peaceful players. It is easy to build and understand. Players can get around 11 blocks of iron per hour.

#4 - Simple zombie-based iron farm


This farm uses a zombie jumping on the water to scare three villagers. The only problem while making it is bringing villagers and zombies. Use a name tag or give an item to the zombie so that he doesn't despawn.

Players can use minecarts to bring villagers and a zombie. This farm produces around 350 iron ingots per hour.

#3 - Iron Farm in Nether/Portal based farms


YouTuber LogicalGeekBoy has explained how to make an efficient iron golem farm in the nether realm. He uses a pillager to scare villagers in this design. Villagers are more scared of pillagers than zombies.

LogicalGeekBoy is famous for his farm and Redstone videos. In this video, he also explains the iron golem's spawning mechanism and how to use it to make efficient iron golem farms in Minecraft.

#2 - Bedrock Iron Farm by Silentwisperer


Due to bedrock's different coding structure and language, players cannot use java version farm and expect it to produce the same results. Iron Farm, designed by YouTuber Silestwisperer, produces more than 420 irons. Bedrock players should use this farm to get iron efficiently and quickly.

#1 - Gnembon's Iron Farm


Gnembon is known in the Minecraft community for its highly efficient and productive farms. He has created some of the most efficient farms, including gold and iron farms. His iron farm produces thousands of iron in less than an hour.

This farm spawns an iron golem every few seconds. Players can add more layers above the farm to double the iron golem's spawning rate. This farm is enough to fulfill the iron needs of most Minecraft servers.

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