Top 5 best types of Minecraft farms

A guardian farm design (Image via YouTube/Shukercraft)
A guardian farm design (Image via YouTube/Shukercraft)

Minecraft players are always looking for new farm designs to build in their worlds. Since its release over a decade ago, players have been abusing game mechanics to obtain resources more easily and efficiently.

Minecraft has hundreds of blocks and items. Gathering them manually would be too time-consuming and slow. Using automatic and semi-automatic farms, players can get a variety of items quickly.

Top 5 best types of Minecraft farms

#5 - Gnembon's Iron farm


Iron is one of the most versatile resources in Minecraft. When players upgrade from stone tools and weapons to their iron variant, the difference in efficiency and durability is highly noticeable. Without an iron or higher-tier pickaxe, players cannot mine diamond, redstone, or gold ores.

Gnembon's iron farm is one of the most efficient iron farms. It can spawn an iron golem every two seconds. His farm uses a zombie in minecart to scare four different villager groups after a specific time interval. Gnembon's iron farm produces over 9000 iron ingots per hour.

#4 - Guardian farm


Conquering an ocean monument will grant the player an endless supply of prismarine shards, crystals, and fish. After defeating the three elder guardians, players can build a guardian farm to get unlimited prismarine blocks.

Guardians have one of the highest spawn rates in Minecraft. Using flowing water, players can direct guardians to the killing chamber.

#3 - Automatic melon/pumpkin farm


Melon and pumpkin trades are an easy way to earn emeralds in Minecraft. With an automatic melon farm, players can get unlimited melons. Since pumpkins grow in the same manner as melons, players can use this farm for pumpkin farming.

By zombifying and curing farmer villagers, players can sell melon and pumpkin for one emerald each. Players can use the automatic melon/pumpkin farm for emerald farming.

#2 - Automatic villager breeder


Without a doubt, villagers are among the best mobs in Minecraft. Players can obtain a variety of items from villagers through villager trading. An automatic villager breeder can produce villagers without the need of a player.

Players can transport the villagers using a minecart and give them any desired job for trading.

#1 - Gold XP farm


With a gold XP farm, players can get tons of experience points, gold ingots, and nuggets. This farm uses the natural behavior of zombie pigmen to make them fall to their death. Please remember to build this farm in the nether waste biome or over a large lava ocean.

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