Top 5 easy Nether advancements in Minecraft

Nether realm (Image via Minecraft)
Nether realm (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, the advancement system provides players with goals and challenges to help complete the game. Players can check the advancement tab by pressing L in Minecraft.

Advancements are divided into five sub-categories: Minecraft, Nether, The End, Adventure, and Husbandry. The Nether advancements often scare beginners, as they require players to venture into the hellish realm of Minecraft.

Not all Nether advancements are as challenging to obtain as some players might think. Players who are planning to clear all advancements can start with easier ones. This article shares five easy advancements to get in the Nether realm.

Easy Minecraft advancements to get in the Nether

5) A Terrible Fortress

Fortress (Image via Minecraft)
Fortress (Image via Minecraft)

A Terrible Fortress is one of the oldest advancements in Minecraft. Players will just have to enter a nether fortress to obtain this advancement. There is no need to explore the entire fortress, as taking one step into this structure will award A Terrible Fortress advancement.

4) Those Were The Days

Like A Terrible Fortress advancement, Those Were The Days can also be obtained by entering a structure. Players can get this advancement by entering a bastion remnant.

Bastion remnants can generate in any biome of the Nether, except basalt deltas. Players can loot a chest inside bastion to get another advancement in Minecraft.

3) Into Fire

Blaze (Image via Minecraft)
Blaze (Image via Minecraft)

Into Fire is among the most common advancements in Minecraft. Players often get this advancement and forget it because of how easy it is to get.

Into Fire advancement can be obtained by defeating and collecting blaze rods. Since blazes only spawn in the nether fortresses, players will also get A Terrible Fortress advancement while completing Into Fire.

2) Who is Cutting Onions?


As players may have guessed, this advancement involves crying obsidian. Who is Cutting Onions? advancement can be achieved by obtaining a crying obsidian block.

The best way to obtain crying obsidian is by bartering with piglins. Bartering will also unlock an advancement called Oh Shiny. Players can also get the Who is Cutting Onions? advancement in the Overworld, but it is much easier to achieve in the Nether.

1) Hot Tourist Destination

Hot Tourist Destination is the same as Adventuring Time advancement but set in the Nether dimension. Players can get the Hot Tourist Destination advancement by exploring all four nether dimensions:

  • Crimson forests
  • Warped forests
  • Soul sand valleys
  • Basalt deltas
  • Nether wastes

Along with the advancements mentioned above, players can also complete other easy advancements like Nether and Return to Sender.

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