Top 5 easy ways to get XP in Minecraft this month

Steve collecting XP orbs (Image via Minecraft)
Steve collecting XP orbs (Image via Minecraft)
Rohan Jaiswal

Minecraft is mainly played in survival mode, where the player needs to fight mobs, gather food and other resources to survive. Armor and weapons are essential items. The better they are, the higher players' chances of winning fights. To improve the armor, players can enchant them, but this requires a lot of XP.

Experience points (XP) can be earned in various ways. They are mainly used for enchanting items, repairing them, or renaming them. By performing a few tasks, players get XP orbs that add up to their total XP count. When the XP count reaches a certain amount, their XP level increases.

Best ways of increasing experience level in Minecraft


5) Breeding


The player can breed many animals in the game. To breed an animal, players need to feed them their preferred food item. For example, to get two cows to mate, players need to feed them wheat. By doing so, players can get up to seven XP points.

4) Killing hostile mobs

An enderman dying (Image via Minecraft)
An enderman dying (Image via Minecraft)

Hostile mobs spawn almost everywhere in Minecraft. Therefore finding them will not be a problem for the player. Upon death, most mobs will drop XP points along with a particular item. Players can get up to five points by killing them.

Baby versions of zombies will drop significantly higher XP points (up to twelve) than adult zombies. Among common hostile mobs, piglin brutes and ravagers drop the most XP (twenty points).

3) Trading

A farmer villager (Image via Minecraft)
A farmer villager (Image via Minecraft)

Trading is a fantastic feature that allows players to exchange items with villagers. This only works if the villager has taken a profession.

Trading not only gives good items to the player but also gives them XP. The XP rewarded by traders can vary between three and six points.

2) Completing advancements


In the Java edition, players will be rewarded with experience points upon completion of advancements. "How did we get here?" is one of the most challenging advancements and it provides the highest amounts of XP (1000 points).

1) Creating an XP farm


XP farms are pretty easy to make and there are several designs that a player can choose from. Some of the most efficient XP farms use spawners or have a dark spawning chamber. Players need to kill those mobs manually to gain XP.

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