Top 5 enchantments to avoid in Minecraft

Avoid these enchantments (Image via Minecraft)
Avoid these enchantments (Image via Minecraft)

Enchanting is one of the oldest mechanics in Minecraft. It has been in the game since its official release almost a decade ago. Ever since then, enchanting has been among the most valuable features in Minecraft.

Players can enchant their tools, armors, and weapons with a wide variety of enchantments. With the help of enchantments, players can buff their gear and make them more viable in Minecraft.

Enchanting anything requires XP in Minecraft. When adding more enchantments to an already-enchantment, players will have to pay more experience points. Due to this, players have to make sure they are not wasting their XP on useless enchantments.

Minecraft players should steer clear of these five enchantments

5) Knockback

Knocking enemies (Image via Minecraft)
Knocking enemies (Image via Minecraft)

Knockback is one of the most popular enchantments for swords. When a player attacks an enemy with Knockback-enchanted swords, the enemy will get knocked back a few blocks. Knockback enchantment has its pros and cons.

Players can knock back enemies, but at the same time, they lose the opportunity to get multiple hits on their enemies. To use Knockback efficiently in PVP, players will need fishing rods to pull back their opponents after hitting them repeatedly. Players will have to master all of this to use Knockback enchantment perfectly.

4) Projectile Protection

Compared to other types of protection enchantments, Projectile Protection is arguably the least used armor enchantment in Minecraft because of its niche usability. It reduces damage taken from projectile attacks like arrows, shulker bullets, llamas' spits, etc.

There is no point in using enchantment to reduce projectile damage when shields can block them. Furthermore, Projectile Protection is incompatible with Protection, Blast Protection, and Fire Protection.

3) Bane of Arthropods

Bane of Arthropods is a Minecraft enchantment exclusive to swords and axes. This enchantment increases the damage against arthropod mobs like spiders, bees, silverfish, and endermites.

Bane of Arthropods is a niche enchantment as it only works on arthropods. Unless a player builds a mega spider farm and wants maximum efficiency, they won't need a weapon with Bane of Arthropods.

2) Curse of Binding

Curse of Binding (Image via Minecraft)
Curse of Binding (Image via Minecraft)

Curse of Binding does what its name says. Players cannot remove armor or wearable pieces enchanted with Curse of Binding. Unlike other enchantments, it doesn't buff or provides any benefit to a player's gear.

Dying is the only way to remove Curse of Binding equipped armor. The best way to use this enchantment is probably by pranking friends. Players can use dispensers to apply cursed armor to their friends.

1) Curse of Vanishing

Like Curse of Binding, the Curse of Vanishing is another cursed enchantment in Minecraft. However, it can be applied to every tool, weapon, and armor. Items enchanted with Curse of Vanishing will instantly despawn when a player drops them after dying.

This enchantment is helpful only when a player doesn't want others to get his enchantments like in anarchy servers such as 2b2t. Other than that, Curse of Vanishing is pretty useless. Players should avoid wasting their valuable XP on this enchantment.

Note: The list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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