Top 5 essential farms in Minecraft (2021)

Essential Minecraft farms (Image via Minecraft)
Essential Minecraft farms (Image via Minecraft)
Rohan Jaiswal

Minecraft players need to keep collecting items and resources to survive. With the help of redstone, players can create automatic farms of a lot of different things.

Some of the farms can yield items in good quantity that players will need every day. This makes these farms essential and a must-have in every survival world.

Must-have Minecraft farms

5) Kelp farm


Creating a kelp farm is very simple. Depending on its size, a kelp farm can yield a good amount of kelp. Players should collect kelp because dried kelp blocks can be crafted after smelting it, which is an excellent fuel item.

Fuel is necessary for every phase of survival in Minecraft as players will always be smelting something in the furnace or smoker.

4) Cow crusher


This is one of the easiest farm players can create even on their first few days in a survival world. It does not require any redstone, and even beginners can build it without any problems.

Cow crushers have a single platform of one block on which cows are bred, and when there are more cows than the allowed number, random ones start dying, and their items are collected.

3) Wheat farm


In the beginning, players will need a lot of wheat to breed their animals. Wheat can also be used to craft bread, a decent food item that can also be used to breed villagers. With the help of an automatic wheat farm, players can get all this done very quickly.

2) Villager breeder


Villagers are amazing mobs that can be turned into traders. From them, players can easily obtain many valuable items. To get the different types of traders, players might need a lot of villagers.

A villager breeder is not something that the players should try to create in the first few days as it requires a lot of resources and time that they can invest in other essential things.

1) Iron farm


An automatic iron farm yields a lot of iron ingots. In Minecraft, iron tools and armor are second to diamond items and comparatively easier to craft as iron is more common. They can also be used to trade with a few employed villagers.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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