Top 5 exclusive features available in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecratft Bedrock (Image via Mojang)
Minecratft Bedrock (Image via Mojang)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Many beginners trying Minecraft for the first time won't spot the difference between Bedrock and Java Edition. However, both editions have tons of differences.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is created using C++ language, whereas Java Edition is made using Java. Many players would argue that Java Edition is superior to Bedrock Edition. They may not know about Bedrock's exclusive features.

This article informs players about some of the exclusive features of Bedrock Edition. These features are not available for Minecraft Java Edition.

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Exclusive Minecraft Bedrock features

5) 3D skins


Minecraft Bedrock players can enjoy the novelty of 3D skins. When it comes to cosmetics, Bedrock Edition is far ahead of Java Edition. In Java Edition, player models consists of six blocks, two hands, two legs, one body and one head.

In Bedrock Edition, players can use 3D skins with features like wings, horns, tails, and whatnot. Players can use free 3D skins or buy paid skins from the Marketplace.

4) Dyeing using cauldrons

Coloured cauldrons (Image via Mojang)
Coloured cauldrons (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can use cauldrons to dye leather items. One dye can be mixed with another to get a variety of different colors in cauldrons. Similarly, players can add potions to cauldrons and then use arrows on them to get tipped arrows.

3) Official add-on support


Minecraft Bedrock Edition has received official add-on support from Mojang. To encourage creativity and customization, developers have created an official modding API.

Java Edition already has tons of resource packs and mods but lacks official add-on support. Hopefully, they will create it for Java someday too.

2) More baby mobs

Baby squid (Image via Reddit)
Baby squid (Image via Reddit)

Baby mobs are a common feature of Minecraft. Bedrock Edition has more baby mobs compared to Java Edition. Players can find baby variants of squid and dolphin in the Bedrock Edition. Like other mobs, their baby versions have similar bodies like adults but with a big head and small body.

1) No need to crouch for placing blocks


In Minecraft Java Edition, building bridges or placing blocks at the edge can be a tedious task, but it's not so in Bedrock Edition. Bedrock players can place blocks in front of them in the air, and they will get placed automatically at the block's edge on which they are standing.

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