Top 5 features removed from Minecraft

Obsidian wall, a removed feature (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Obsidian wall, a removed feature (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

It has been over a decade since Minecraft's official release. Over such an extended period, this sandbox game has received many major and minor updates. So much so that players who left the game at its early stage won't even recognize it.

Over time, the developers have added many new features and removed those that are no longer needed. Sometimes, older content gets replaced by new features which do the same job much more efficiently.

This article informs gamers about some features removed from Minecraft. Most of them are from the early game development stage, so only a few know about them.

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Five features no longer available in Minecraft

5) Nether reactor


Minecraft veterans know about the Bedrock-exclusive structure called the nether reactor. In a 3x3x3 area, they have to build a structure using gold blocks, cobblestone, and a nether reactor core. When activated, it will spawn a structure known as "nether spire."

Inside the nether spire, players used to find nether blocks and mobs. This feature was added to Bedrock for a short time when the nether realm wasn't available. It was removed as soon as Mojang added the nether realm.

4) Magma cubes take damage from water

A magma cube in water (Image via Reddit)
A magma cube in water (Image via Reddit)

Earlier, magma cubes used to take damage from touching the water in Minecraft. However, this was considered a bug and disabled in version 1.1.

If it were still available in the game, many gamers would have built portal farms for magma cubes.

3) Brick pyramid

A brick pyramid (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
A brick pyramid (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

The brick pyramid was a solid structure made of bricks that were added for a short time to Minecraft when there was no source of bricks.

Rather than adding a solid structure for one block, Minecraft creator Notch decided to add a recipe for bricks instead, so brick pyramids were removed from the game.

2) Craftable horse armor

The armor recipe (Image via Mc-mod)
The armor recipe (Image via Mc-mod)

In a 1.6 snapshot, the developers added crafting recipes for horse armor. Sadly, they were removed in a future 1.6 snapshot as they were supposed to be treasure items.

If this feature had stayed, users would have been able to craft horse armor using six minerals and wool.

1) Enchanted golden apple recipe

A golden apple recipe (Image via Quora)
A golden apple recipe (Image via Quora)

Enchanted golden apples comprise one of the most powerful items in Minecraft. They are so powerful that Mojang had to remove their crafting recipe from the game, as it was an easy process.

To craft an enchanted golden apple, players only needed eight gold blocks and one apple.

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