Top 5 features revealed during Minecraft Live 2021

Best features revealed during Minecraft Live 2021 (Image via Mojang)
Best features revealed during Minecraft Live 2021 (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Live is an event where the game developers discuss and reveal features of the upcoming major update. During Minecraft Live 2021, which commenced yesterday, a lot of the information regarding the 1.19 update, titled "The Wild Update", was disclosed.

Minecraft Game Director, Agnes 'Lady Agnes' Larsson, also revealed that the 1.18 update is almost done, and they will be releasing it in a month or two.

Best features that were revealed during Minecraft Live 2021

Thank you all for being part of #MinecraftLive 2021, there’s nothing left but to say adieu, ciao, hejdå and we’ll see you next year… Oh, but one last thing, what was your favorite announcement?↣

5) Seed parity

World generated in both editions using the same seed (Image via Mojang)
World generated in both editions using the same seed (Image via Mojang)

If the player finds an amazing world they want to share with their friends; they can now do so even if their friends have a different edition of Minecraft. Using the same seed, almost the same world will be generated in both editions of the game once the 1.18 update is out.

4) New sculk blocks

A sculk shrieker in the game (Image via Mojang)
A sculk shrieker in the game (Image via Mojang)

When the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update was revealed, it was confirmed that there would be more than one sculk block. Yesterday, two new sculk blocks were announced by the developers: sculk shriekers and sculk catalysts.

Sculk grows in the deep dark, and the reason behind it is sculk catalyst. When a mob dies in the vicinity of a sculk catalyst, sculk grows on the blocks on which the mob was standing.

Compared to sculk catalysts and sculk sensors, shriekers are quite different blocks. Upon activation, sculk shriekers make an intimidating shrieking sound. When activated too many times, the warden will be summoned.

3) New mobs

Ribbit! That’s right, frogs join Minecraft in The Wild Update – coming 2022! We also learnt about new Seasonal Adventures for @dungeonsgame, and BOTH Bedrock and Java Editions coming to Game Pass for PC! Read our full recap of #MinecraftLive now:↣

Along with the warden, a handful of new mobs will be added to Minecraft with the 1.19 update. Tadpoles, frogs, fireflies, and allay, the winner of Mob vote 2021, was revealed yesterday. Interested readers can learn about these mobs from here.

2) Deep dark city


The developers have decided to move the deep dark cave biome to the next update (1.19). During the live stream, they showcased a new part of the deep dark caves called the deep dark city.

It is a scary underground city that is full of different sculk blocks, candles, and lanterns. Tall pillars of deepslate blocks can also be seen, and there will also be chests containing valuable items such as enchanted books.

It seems like no other mob can spawn here apart from the warden, as the clip shown during the stream did not have any other mobs in it.

1) Swamp biome overhaul

New mangrove swamp biome (Image via Minecraft)
New mangrove swamp biome (Image via Minecraft)

Over the years, the swamp has become one of the most unexciting places to explore. The developers have finally decided that they want to update the swamp biomes.

They will be adding a new variant of the swamp biome called the mangrove swamp, where players can find the new mangrove trees in abundance. A new block called mud will also be generated there. Tadpoles, frogs, and fireflies will start spawning here once the 1.19 update is released.

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