Top 5 hidden things about villagers in Minecraft

Lesser known facts about villagers (Image via Minecraft)
Lesser known facts about villagers (Image via Minecraft)

Villagers are one of the most iconic mobs in Minecraft. Some non-Minecraft players can even identify their "hmm" noises. Over their decade-long history, villagers have gone through many changes.

Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage update revolutionized villages and villagers. This update introduced many new professions, trades, and villager types. The 1.14 update also gave rise to iron farm designs. Without a doubt, Village & Pillage update changed villagers forever in Minecraft.

With years of improvements and updates, some minor features may get unnoticed or become forgotten. This article lists some hidden and lesser-known facts about Minecraft's best mob, villagers.

Lesser known facts about villagers in Minecraft

5) Inspired by Dungeons Master 2


Many Minecrafters may not know that villagers are inspired by shopkeepers from Dungeons Masters II: The Legend of Skullkeep, an RPG from the 90s. Older games like these are the reason why Minecraft is what it is.

Dungeons Master 2 was a dungeon crawler game, and since Minecraft was initially called Cave Game, developers might have taken quite a lot of inspiration from it and other such games.

4) Nitwits

Nitwits (Image via Minecraft)
Nitwits (Image via Minecraft)

Nitwits are the black sheep of villages. These poor creatures cannot get a job and prefer to wander around villages. Players can identify nitwits from their unique green-colored robes.

Players can often find nitwits roaming around bells in villages. Compared to ordinary villagers, nitwits stay up late at night and wake up late in the morning.

3) Relation between igloos, villagers, and witch

Igloos (Image via Minecraft)
Igloos (Image via Minecraft)

Igloos are rare structures found in snowy biomes. From the outside, igloos look like a simple structure. It contains a furnace, a crafting table, and a bed. But, players can find a dark secret hidden under the igloos. 50% of igloos generate with a concealed basement whose entrance is hidden by a carpet.

In the basement, players can find a zombie villager and an ordinary villager. Players can also get a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple for curing the zombie villager. Igloos serve a major role in the lore behind Minecraft's witches.

According to fan-made lores, witch was a regular villager working on a cure for zombie villagers. But, when other villages found out about the witch, they forced the witch outside of the village. That's the reason why witches live alone in swamp huts. Igloo proves that witch found a cure as players can find a brewing stand and a cauldron in it.

2) Jungle and swamp villagers


Villagers can have seven types of skins based on the biome they spawn in Minecraft. Out of all of them, two villager types, swamp, and jungle cannot be found naturally in Minecraft.

Swamp and jungle villagers spawn when a villager is born in those biomes. Since villages do not generate in swamps and jungles, players do not see them in Minecraft. However, players can take villagers to those two biomes and breed them to get swamp or jungle villagers.

1) Iron golems can attack villagers


Iron golems are the protectors of villagers. But, these tanky mobs can become the enemies of villagers in a specific case. After villagers successfully survive a raid, they start shooting fireworks for celebrations. However, if any of these fireworks hit an iron golem, that golem will kill the villager.

Note: The list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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