Top 5 jumps to master in Minecraft Parkour

Mastering a few common jumps can greatly improve parkour skill (Image via YouTube/Spifey)
Mastering a few common jumps can greatly improve parkour skill (Image via YouTube/Spifey)
Edward Hays

Minecraft parkour is one of the most popular activities in the game and involves jumping in a skillful manner from block to block, often in competition to achieve the fastest time possible on Minecraft parkour servers.

However, some Minecraft parkour jumps are harder to pull off than others. A few particular jumps can be extremely menacing at first, but once learned they can pay dividends to avid Minecraft parkour artists.

Gamers interested in five of the most useful jumps to master while playing parkour in Minecraft can check out the list below, which details some of the most commonly seen jumps.

5 most important Minecraft parkour jumps to perfect

5) Four block jump


The dreaded four block jump is notorious in Minecraft parkour courses and can throw off even the most experienced Minecraft parkour artists.

The easiest trick to landing a four block jump successfully is via utilizing momentum. Players will need to make sure they are in full sprint mode whenever attempting a four block jump.

4) Neo Jump


The neo jump is another infamous jump in the world of Minecraft parkour, popularized by certain Minecraft parkour servers.

The trick to completing most neo jumps is simply sneaking to the side of the pillar, jumping, and then finally crouching to ensure the edge will not be slipped off of.

3) Head Hitters


Although not as menacing as the Neo jump, head hitters can still pose a threat, especially to those less skilled in the art of Minecraft parkour.

The key to overcoming head hitter jumps in most cases is simply to use the sprint key without jumping. Although sometimes inconsistent with results, once players have mastered this delicate technique head hitters become an absolute breeze to tackle.

2) Fence parkour


Parkour with fence blocks is commonly seen inside many parkour courses and certain jumps can throw players off if they haven't been practiced beforehand.

In general, fence parkour requires a lot more crouching as the object destined to land upon is a lot smaller. This isn't always the case, however, and the scope of fence parkour is large and covers a variety of different jumps including fence neos, flower pot jumps, and much more.

1) Squeeze Jump

Squeeze jumps are often seen in expert level parkour courses (Image via Minecraft)
Squeeze jumps are often seen in expert level parkour courses (Image via Minecraft)

Last but definitely not least is the squeeze jump. This is a tricky jump that has plagued Minecrafters since the inception of parkour courses.

For those unaware, squeeze jumps force players to fit or "squeeze" through small gaps. Although somewhat easy to beat with enough practice, course creators can purposefully make these jumps extremely difficult and even near impossible to consistently land.

The easiest way to overcome squeeze jumps is simply with practice. This type of jump requires a lot of precision and control over momentum to master.

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