Top 5 Minecraft automatic farms for beginners

Chicken farm gone wrong (Image via Minecraft)
Chicken farm gone wrong (Image via Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Farming is one of the main aspects of Minecraft, and players can farm all kinds of material like food, blocks and mob drops in the game.

With a few exceptions, players can build farms for most items in Minecraft. Players can create three types of farms: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Out of these, automated farms are usually the most productive and do not require constant player interaction.

Beginners starting a new world in Minecraft may have seen their friends building farms and might be excited to begin making their own. This article lists down some easy-to-build automatic farms for beginners.

Automatic farms for beginner Minecraft players

5) Zombieless iron farm


In a new world, iron is among the most valuable resources. Looking for iron ore in the early days can be dangerous as players don't have good armor. However, players can easily build an iron farm without needing a zombie.

Usually, iron farms need zombies or pillagers to work properly, but this farm made by MineTheFab produces iron golems with only villagers.

4) Village/skeleton spawner farm


While exploring caves and ravines, players may come across dungeons, a square structure made of cobblestones and mossy cobblestones. This structure has a zombie or skeleton spawner inside.

A spawner is a rare, unobtainable block that spawns mobs when a player is nearby. Using these spawners, players can build mob farms in Minecraft.

3) Classic mob tower


Players who haven't found a mob spawner can build a classic mob tower to farm various mobs in one farm. The classic mob tower is among the oldest mob farms in Minecraft.

This farm uses a simple mechanism to spawn hostile mobs. In Minecraft, hostile mobs spawn when the light level is below seven. The classic mob tower has a huge darkroom for spawning mobs who fall through a tall tube and land with only 1 HP left, after which they can be killed by the player.

2) Bamboo/sugarcane farm


Bamboo and sugarcane are among the easiest crops to grow in Minecraft. Using some pistons and observers, players can automatically farm both bamboo and sugarcane.

Observers are used to detect when sugarcane or bamboo grows, and in turn, activate pistons to break the crop. Bamboo can be used as fuel, while sugarcane can be turned into paper and traded with librarians.

1) Automatic chicken cooker


In Minecraft, players can easily find chickens and breed them using seeds. By building an automatic chicken farm, players can get tons of cooked chicken and feathers.

Chickens lay eggs that can be thrown to spawn more chickens. This farm uses a dispenser to throw eggs and spawn chickens. When baby chickens grow, they are killed by lava, and drop cooked chicken and feathers.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer.

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