Top 5 easiest automatic farms for resources in Minecraft 1.17 update

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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The Minecraft 1.17 update has brought a wide variety of new blocks, items, and mobs into the game.

Nearly everything in Minecraft can be farmed one way or another. Skilled Minecraft players have come up with innovative ways to create farms in the game, most of which can easily be made automatic.

When it comes to new 1.17 resources, here are some of the best automatic farms Minecraft players can have in their survival worlds.

Easy automatic 1.17 Minecraft farms

5) Glow berry farm


An automatic glow berry farm is an extremely simple redstone contraption that will barely take up any space in a Minecraft world.

This farm is wildly efficient for collecting large quantities of glow berries, a new 1.17 item. This is the only Minecraft item that doubles as both a food source and a light source, so farming it results in multiple uses.

4) Copper farm


This automatic Minecraft farm is designed for copper collection despite it technically being a drowned one. With the 1.17 update, drowned mobs now have a chance of dropping copper ingots. By farming mass amounts of the mob, players can collect lots of copper ingots.

This is the perfect farm for players who dislike smelting. With this auto copper farm, gamers can skip the smelt process entirely. And luckily, the redstone build of this farm is fairly simple.

3) Glow squid farm


Glow squid farms are a way for Minecraft players to collect large amounts of glow ink sacs. These farms take up a significant amount of area, but the required redstone for the farm is not too complicated overall.

Glow squids only spawn below sea level (Y level 63) in complete darkness. So, the farm must meet these requirements as well. However, it can, technically, be placed in any biome.

Luckily, a new 1.17 item called tinted glass can be utilized in this build to keep all light away from the farm. Plus, gamers can still see through tinted glass, making it extremely efficient for any mob farm that requires darkness.

2) Powder snow farm


Powder snow is a new and interesting Minecraft 1.17 resource that, unfortunately, is not easy to obtain. Because of its scarcity, building an automatic farm is definitely worth it.

An automatic powder snow farm will require plenty of cauldrons and buckets, but the redstone is quite simple. The farm also requires a minecart system that allows for easy collection of this item.

1) Moss farm


This automatic farm might be the best of all the new Minecraft 1.17 farms given the sheer amount of resources that can be collected. Plus, it involves a fairly simple redstone build.

Moss is a new 1.17 element that has a few different uses. An automatic moss farm can also be the source of azalea (another new 1.17 block) and lots of bone meal. The abundance of azalea can be used as fuel in furnaces. Bone meal, of course, can be used to grow crops in the same way as in previous versions of Minecraft.

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