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Minecraft Glow Squid

Minecraft’s oceans are full of pretty expected wildlife. Fish and dolphins and squids. But there is one denizen deep in the ocean which defies this expectation. The Glow Squid, a strange, luminescent sea creature which only appears in the deepest depths of your Minecraft world. These strange aquatic creatures are soon to be added to Minecraft in the Caves and Cliffs update.


Glow Squids will only spawn in Deep Ocean biomes or in water underground. In the Bedrock Edition, Glow Squids currently cannot spawn due to a bug.


Behavior of Glow Squid in Minecraft

Glow Squids behave almost identically to normal Squids, even down to bugs in their AI which causes the bioluminescent squids to accidentally beach themselves on ocean shores. 

The Glow Squid is also disliked by a few mobs. They will be attacked automatically by Guardians, Elder Guardians, and Axolotls. When they are attacked, the Glow Squid will stop glowing for a short time as it makes its escape.


Drops of Glow Squid in Minecraft

Glow Squids drop an item called ‘Glow Inc Sacs’ a glowing variant of the Ink Sac similar to the Glow Squid itself. These Glow Inc Sacs are used to create glowing display items like Glow Item Frames which produce the same glowing effect that the Glow Squids do and can be used on signs to make the text on the glow.


The glow squid won the Minecraft Live 2020 mob vote, beating the Iceologer and Moobloom.

Glow squids are one of the four mobs added as the result of community support, the others being phantoms, foxes, and goats.

Neither Bedrock Edition nor Java Edition render glow squids with the pulsating animation they have in Minecraft Earth.

The glow squid is the first mob from a spin-off game to be included in the base game. It is one of the two mobs remaining from Minecraft Earth after its shutdown on June 30th 2021, the other being the wooly cow, which is also part of the Howling Peaks DLC in Minecraft Dungeons.

Like normal squids, glow squids remain stationary when the player is in spectator mode or is far enough from the squid for this behavior to occur. When attacked in this state, they are unable to flee.


Can I breed Glow Squids?

In the Bedrock Edition, there is a baby variant of the Glow Squid however there is no way to spawn it in game without Creative Mode as Glow Squids cannot be bred. The Java Edition doesn’t even have a baby variant.

How do I farm Glow Squids?

Farming Glow Squids is just the same as farming regular Squids due to their similarities. If you go to a Deep Ocean biome and set up a lot of one block wide lines of waterfalls, Glow Squids will spawn in them and then fall out of them and suffocate.

Do Glow Squids light up the area around them?

While they do glow visually, Glow Squids do not affect the light level of the area around them. An area filled with Glow Squids is still considered dark and mobs can still spawn there.

Glow Squid vs Squid in Minecraft: Differences and similarities

Glow Squid vs Squid in Minecraft: Differences and similarities

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5 things players likely didn't know about Glow Squids in Minecraft

5 things players likely didn't know about Glow Squids in Minecraft

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