Moss blocks in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Moss blocks have been implemented as part of the bountiful Minecraft 1.17 Part 1 update
Moss blocks have been implemented as part of the bountiful Minecraft 1.17 Part 1 update

Mojang recently released Part 1 of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. A large variety of blocks, items, mobs, and structures have been added to the game with this update.

One of the blocks that Mojang has added to the game is the moss block. This block was previewed heavily within the Minecraft Live 2020 event and was shown as part of the new Lush Cave ecosystem.

This article will detail everything that players need to know about the moss block in Minecraft, including how to find, obtain and use it.

What is the purpose of the moss block in Minecraft?

Currently, there aren't many practical uses for the moss block in Minecraft. However, the block does have some interesting cosmetic features.

When bonemeal is used on a moss block, it causes nearby podzol, dirt, sand, gravel, stone, deepslate, tuff, granite, andesite and diorite to be converted to moss blocks.

Moss blocks can also be turned into moss carpets. These are crafted in the same way that a normal wool carpet is crafted (except by changing the wool to moss blocks).

A moss carpet crafting recipe in Minecraft
A moss carpet crafting recipe in Minecraft

Moss blocks have a hardness of 0.1, and hoes can be used to break them quicker. A stone hoe or above will break the moss block instantly.

Moss blocks also give players a way to craft mossy stone/mossy cobblestone, which was previously only found in structures and could not be crafted.

Where to find moss blocks in Minecraft

Moss blocks can be found naturally within lush caves in Minecraft. These caves are currently not generated in the game and will arrive with the second part of the 1.17 update.

Another way of obtaining the moss block is by trading with the wandering trader. The wandering trader offers a trade of 2 emeralds for 1 moss block. While this may seem expensive, players can always create more moss blocks using bone meal. This means players do not have to spend 2 emeralds for every moss block.

The final way to obtain moss blocks is by looking for them within shipwreck loot.

How to pick up moss blocks in Minecraft

Currently, moss blocks do not need any special tools to be picked up. A player can use their bare hands in order to break the block. They can then be picked up like any other block.

It should be noted that players can use a hoe to almost instantly break the moss block. However, this is not a requirement.

Moss blocks are broken the fastest by using a hoe
Moss blocks are broken the fastest by using a hoe


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