Top 5 Minecraft features removed from Bedrock Edition

Removed Bedrock features (Image via Minecraft)
Removed Bedrock features (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft Bedrock Edition was released over a decade ago. Since its release, Bedrock Edition has received many major updates like its counterpart Java Edition.

Minecraft game updates are focused on introducing new content rather than dismissing old ones. However, developers don't mind removing features when they become useless.

In the past, Mojang has removed many features from Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Most of them are from early versions of the game, so most players may not know about their existence.

Features removed from Minecraft Bedrock Edition

5) Biomes

Rain forests (Image via Minecraft)
Rain forests (Image via Minecraft)

In alpha stage, developers had added many biomes to the game. But, as many of those biomes were removed from Java Edition, Bedrock developers also removed some biomes to make parity.

The following biomes were removed from Bedrock Edition:

  • Rain Forest
  • Seasonal Forest
  • Shrubland

Along with this, developers also removed older variants of savanna, tundra, swamps, and beaches made of sand and gravel.

4) Breedable dolphins

When did they add baby dolphins?: Minecraft

Baby dolphins are exclusive to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. When dolphins were first added to the game, players could breed them by feeding them raw salmon or cod. However, this was unintentional and was soon removed.

Nowadays, if a player feeds a dolphin, it will take that player to a buried treasure or shipwreck.

3) Powered rail always stay powered

Powered rail (Image via Minecraft)
Powered rail (Image via Minecraft)

In earlier versions of Pocket Edition, redstone wasn't an actual feature. However, developers had already added powered rails to the game. So, the question was, how to activate it when there's no redstone signal source?

That's why powered rails always stayed powered until Mojang added redstone mechanics.

2) Craftable cocoa beans


At some point in the early Pocket Edition alpha versions, cocoa beans had a weird crafting recipe. Players could make cocoa beans by combining ink sac with rose red dye and dandelion yellow or ink sac with orange dye. It was a bug and was soon fixed in a future release.

1) Nether reactor


Nether reactor was a temporary feature for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It was added to Bedrock when there was no Nether realm in it. Using gold blocks, cobblestones and a nether reactor core, players could make a nether reactor.

After tapping the core, a massive structure, known as "nether spire," will generate around the reactor. Nether spire was made of netherracks and had zombie pigmen.

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