Top 5 Minecraft servers for PvP in 2021

Highlighting the best Minecraft PvP servers to play in 2021
Highlighting the best Minecraft PvP servers to play in 2021

Minecraft PvP servers allow players to participate in fights of intense combat. PvP servers are typically ruthless environments where there are rarely second chances. Part of the fun here is risking items that take countless hours of grinding to obtain in battle.

The best Minecraft PvP servers in 2021 are those with hundreds, if not thousands of concurrent players online to fight with. These servers also receive plentiful content updates on a frequent basis, with gameplay and mechanics always improving.

The PvP servers listed below are, of course, kept online 24/7 for players to join and face very minimal lag or latency issues in order to ensure the best possible experience for players.

Note: This list is based only on the opinions of the writer and is in no particular order of quality.

5 highest-quality Minecraft PvP servers to play in 2021

#5 - Purple Prison - IP:


Purple Prison is a fantastically fun Minecraft Prison-PvP hybrid server, with a progression system designed to reward the best PvPers.

Players can claim a free PvP kit right upon joining, simply by typing "/kit pvp" in chat. After claiming a free kit, they can instantly jump right into one of the chaotic PvP free-for-all fights seen around spawn.

Purple Prison also features a widely popular Sumo PvP minigame, where players can wager in-game money. The server also supports both wagered 1v1 duels and gang duels.

#4 - PvP Land - IP:


PvP Land is an extremely popular Minecraft PvP server, with hundreds of players consistently connected, no matter the time of day.

The primary reason for PvP Land's popularity is due to the fact that the server has developed a unique system, such that players are able to fight against "bots" on-demand, instead of real players.

Players are able to adjust the skill rating of these bots at their own will, thus allowing them to sharpen PvP related skills at their own pace, without the pressures of fighting other real people.

#3 - Munchy MC - IP:

MunchyMC features an assortment of PvP game modes
MunchyMC features an assortment of PvP game modes

Munchy MC is a Minecraft PvP server network with many different game modes, including Survival, Factions, and Kit-PvP. Specifically, in each of these game modes, there is a heavy application of PvP elements.

Unlike many other survival or faction servers, Munchy MC ensures that PvP is consistently enabled for all players throughout its servers, without the option to ever be disabled.

Ultimately, this leads to intense battles carrying very high stakes. If players can't PvP up to standards, their valuables might just get stolen by other opportunistic players.

#2 - Lunar Network - IP:


Lunar Network is most well known in the Minecraft PvP community as a great practice PvP server, meaning that players typically flock here to settle their differences in a classic 1v1 battle.

What makes Lunar so good is that the server has developed a custom game client, which players can download and use in order to improve their PvP experience on the server. The client also comes with several PvP related mods and FPS enhancements as standard.

Most importantly, the client allows players to fight in confidence due to the very strong anti-cheat system built directly into it.

#1 - Hypixel - IP:

Hypixel is a Minecraft server with some top PvP related minigames
Hypixel is a Minecraft server with some top PvP related minigames

Although Hypixel is a server over seven years old, even in 2021, the server needs no introduction as the most popular Minecraft server to ever exist.

Some of the most popular minigames on the Hypixel network owe a lot to their heavy focus on PvP, making the server without a doubt one of the best places for players with an itch to fight.

Some brilliantly fun and highly PvP oriented game modes offered by Hypixel include: Bedwars, Skywars, The walls, and of course, UHC.

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