Top 5 Minecraft Java Edition servers in 2021

The best Minecraft servers in 2021 (Image via Medium.)
The best Minecraft servers in 2021 (Image via Medium.)

Minecraft servers are a fun part of the game's overall experience, allowing players from across the world to embark on block adventures with one another.

These servers can add content onto the primary Minecraft game mode as well. This is done through the use of server-side plugin modifications. With this ability, Minecraft servers can feature gameplay that is vastly different from that seen in single-player survival mode.

The best Minecraft servers are the ones that feature fun and innovative gamemodes that are welcoming for new players. All of the top Minecraft servers listed below are online for players to join anytime and rarely experience lag or latency issues.

Note: This list is compiled based on the writer's opinion only and is in no particular quality order. All the below servers are equally amazing.

The Top 5 Minecraft servers for Java Edition to play in 2021

All servers listed can be joined on ANY Minecraft version above 1.7

#5 Purple Prison IP:


Purple Prison is currently the most significant and most dominant Minecraft prison server, boasting thousands of concurrent players online.

The server welcomes all new players with free OP PvP kits to get started and is very suitable for players interested in mining, PvP, building, parkour, or just a general adventure.

Purple Prison has been around for over six years and has a large friendly community, boasting a discord server of over 27,000 players.

#4 Mineplex IP:


For many Minecrafters, Mineplex will need no introduction. This long-standing server has entertained millions throughout the years and continues to be a great choice to play in 2021.

Specifically, Mineplex offers players a great variety of unique minigames to play. Some of the current most popular minigames currently on the server include: Survival games, Skywars, Block Hunt, Cake Wars, and Bridges.

#3 2b2t IP:


First of all, 2b2t is definitely not a server that will suit every player's taste. The server. However, is the most well-known and popular Minecraft anarchy server of all time.

For those unfamiliar, an anarchy server means that there are absolutely no rules while playing on the server. Players are free to do whatever they please on 2b2t, including even using a modified cheat client if they wish.

2b2t has an extremely dedicated playerbase and features many massive YouTubers who loyally label the server as their home, such as FitMC and salc1.

#2 Wynncraft IP:


Wynncraft is a great Minecraft RPG server. The server promotes heavy roleplay elements by using plugins that allow players to do things such as complete in-game quests and develop character skill trees.

For players looking for an open world RPG adventure server, Wynncraft is second to none. Very few Minecraft servers out there can match the fine attention to detail Wynncraft has sewn into their servers.

#1 Hypixel IP:


Hypixel is, by a very considerable margin, the most popular server to ever exist in Minecraft. The server boasts a mind-blowing 100,000 concurrent players during peak hours most days. In other words, this one Minecraft server is currently more popular than a majority of standalone AAA titles to be released last year.

There are many reasons for Hypixel's mega-success. However, much can be attributed directly to their huge collection of over 90 custom made minigames available for players to enjoy.

The most popular choices among these minigames include: Bedwars, Skywars, Skyblock, Murder Mystery, Build battle, The walls, and TNT run.

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