Top 5 Minecraft servers of 2020

The best Minecraft servers
The best Minecraft servers

Minecraft servers are known to be diverse, varying drastically from one another, even if the overall game mode is the same.

With thousands of Minecraft servers out there, it can be a daunting decision to look for those worth committing time to.

This list explores some of the absolute best Minecraft servers consistently shown to be of top quality throughout the year. Some criteria used to determine the best entries in this list include, but are not limited to, original gameplay mechanics, beautiful builds, popularity, and most importantly, overall fun-inducing design for players.

All the Minecraft servers listed here are entirely free for anyone to join and play.

Note: The servers in this list are not ranked in order of quality, as they all are a blast to play.

Five best Minecraft servers this year



Purple Prison is a fantastic server for all Minecraft players of any skill level to enjoy. The premise is set inside a virtual prison world, where players must mine and fight their way through various prison ranks to progress. They can also claim plots of land, make in-game shops and participate in daily events on the server.

The Purple Prison Minecraft server has hundreds of returning players daily and has also been previously played by some incredibly huge YouTube names, including the likes of both PewDiePie and Skeppy.

It is also a strong and welcoming community, shown by the tight-knight community of 23,000-strong Discord members. The Purple Prison Minecraft server also has a large moderation team keeping it appropriate and safe at all times, making it a no-brainer for all players to give a try.



Jartex Network is another excellent Minecraft server offering various popular, different game modes for players to choose from. Some of the most popular modes on the server include: factions, prison, and kitpvp. It has thousands of Minecrafters coming back daily, a testament to its enjoyability.

However, what truly sets the Jartex Network Minecraft server apart from others is the underlying quality of the game modes, with all aspects having a highly polished and well-refined feel right from the moment of joining.



Grand Theft Minecart is a fantastic server that attempts to directly bring the much-loved Grand Theft Auto into the game without any mods required to be downloaded into the Minecraft client.

On the Grand Theft Minecart server, players can use over 35 weapons, including machine guns, shotguns, snipers, and pistols. They can also drive planes, cars, and even tanks, all within the blocky world of Minecraft. The server is an absolute joy to play on from start to finish and will surely appeal to fans of the GTA series.



Hypixel is a Minecraft server that most players would have come across at some point in their playing lifetimes. Hypixel is by far the world's biggest Minecraft server, with over 100,000 players online at peak times of the day.

The reason for its success is the innovation and non-stop strive for perfection displayed in its game modes over the past couple of years. Hypixel offers dozens of unique game modes, with some of the most popular ones being bedwars, skywars, skyblock, and TNT-tag.

Hypixel is so far ahead of other similar mini-game Minecraft servers that it's almost unfair. The server is engrained deep enough within the game's culture that it can almost be said that all Minecrafters need to experience it before they can even begin to think about calling themselves experienced in the game.



Minemen Club leads other Minecraft servers in terms of everything related to PvP in the game. It is widely seen in the community to have one of the best custom anti-cheat solutions, making it the perfect server to confidently practice PvP skills without worrying about potential cheaters.

Minemen Club is a high-skill barrier-to-entry Minecraft server and is mainly focused on 1v1 duels between players. It offers ranked and non-ranked play for various duel types, with the most popular duel types including no debuff, debuff, archer, sumo, and refill.

Most players in the community know this Minecraft server from requests to duel here from other servers to settle potential feuds over skill and dominance, PvP-wise. Minemen Club is seen in the community as a one-stop-shop Minecraft server for everything PvP-related in-game.

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