Top 5 Minecraft servers for building in 2021

The best Minecraft building servers of 2021 (Image via u/Nalyu083, Reddit)
The best Minecraft building servers of 2021 (Image via u/Nalyu083, Reddit)

Minecraft has consistently remained a hit with gamers over its mind-blowing 11-year lifespan.

As a block-based building game, it's natural for Minecrafters to want to share their epic creations with others. This is where Minecraft building servers come into play.

On Minecraft building servers, players are allocated plots of land. They can easily access a myriad of different decorative blocks and helpful building mods, such as WorldEdit, to build to their heart's desire.

Building servers in Minecraft are also the perfect place to actively build with friends, allowing multiple people to work on one project at a time.

Five best building servers in Minecraft suitable in 2021

#5 - Purple Prison


To start things off and keep this list fresh and diversified as it should be, here is a unique hybrid prison mode building server.

On this server, players can easily obtain their chunk of building land via typing the command "/plot auto." After receiving a dedicated piece of land, players can easily get any blocks they would like to use for building through the server shop (purchased with in-game money).

The server also allows players to add others to their plot to build with and visit others' plots to admire their awesome builds.

Purple Prison was designed keeping in mind building from the ground up while still offering many activities outside of building for players to engage in.


#4 - Edawg878


Edawg878 is a long-standing and top Minecraft creative server, which is highly suitable for those looking for a great place to build, either alone or with friends.

The server allows all players to world edit by default and features a large selection of in-game plugins. These plugins set out to spice gameplay up by adding multiple different gameplay dimensions to the server.

Edawg878 specifically uses different plugins to bring role-playing elements to the server, which gamers can enjoy after creating specific builds. Other plugins on the server range from allowing custom player names to a plugin allowing marriage between players.


#3 - Builders Refuge


Builders Refuge is a top-quality Minecraft building server that targets itself towards highly experienced Minecraft builders. The server offers all building-related plugins players might ever require, including both VoxelSniper and WorldEdit.

One particularly highly unique and infinitely useful feature this server offers is that players can download their creations directly from the builders refuge server. This means that their creations will not merely be stuck only on the server but can be imported to a private single-player world too.


#2 - FadeCloud

FadeCloud offers a great creative/building server for players
FadeCloud offers a great creative/building server for players

Fadecloud is a Minecraft network that offers a variety of the most popular server game modes to players, including skyblock, prison, factions, and of course, a dedicated creative/building server.

Here, players can effortlessly build and roleplay with other players across the map. The server also features a myriad of highly impressive builds made by others; perfect for those looking to simply admire some truly epic builds.


#1 - Creative Build Discovery


Creative Build Discovery is a highly unique Minecraft building server. The server admins have developed a custom build sharing system, in which players can submit their finished builds and then share them within the community.

Players can rate each other's submitted builds, allocating points to any impressive build they see fit. Players can then collect these earned points to rank-up and unlock various in-game server perks.

This highly innovative concept brings a competitive touch to the Minecraft building server scene. It can quickly help players improve their building skills through feedback from other builders on the server.


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Note: This list only reflects the writer's opinions and is not in any particular order.

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