Top 5 uses for concrete powder in Minecraft

Colorful Minecraft concrete powder (Image via amino)
Colorful Minecraft concrete powder (Image via amino)

Minecraft is full of many different craftable and obtainable items, and one of the lesser-known and used items is concrete powder.

This item is relatively new to Minecraft, having made its first appearance in Minecraft Java Edition 1.12 in February 2017. Since then, players have figured out creative ways to use concrete powder in their daily Minecraft lives and their builds.

Concrete powder can be made relatively easily from four sand blocks, four gravel blocks, and a dye of the player's choice. This will create eight concrete powder blocks.

Whether players are curious about the block, or simply looking for new and uncommon materials, this article can help. Here are some of the best ways players can use concrete powder in Minecraft.

5 Best uses for concrete powder in Minecraft

#1 - Dying


Players can use their hard-earned dyes on concrete powder. Players can have lots of fun experimenting with new and different colors.

Concrete powder can be dyed any color in Minecraft, but players have to create these colorful variations when they originally craft the concrete powder. This can make it more difficult for players to get exotic colors, since those dyes are harder to find.

#2 - Note blocks


Blocks can be placed under note blocks to create different types of notes. When players use concrete powder under a note block, the note blocks will make a snare sound.

#3 - Concrete


Most commonly, players create concrete powder to turn it into regular concrete. Concrete is a much more sturdy block and is immune to the laws of gravity.

To create concrete, players must place or drop concrete powder into water.

#4 - Bridging over water

Minecraft bridgable water (Image via thecpuguide)
Minecraft bridgable water (Image via thecpuguide)

Players can use concrete powder to make easy bridges over bodies of water. Since concrete powder turns to concrete after coming into contact with water, it makes concrete powder the perfect substance for players to use since they can either drop it or place it directly into the water.

#5 - Colorful builds

Grey concrete powder road (Image via carmona)
Grey concrete powder road (Image via carmona)

Players can use concrete powder to their advantage in Minecraft. If the player wants to create a sand build but is sick of the bland colors that sand provides, they can replace sand with concrete powder.

These two blocks aren't very different. They both obey the laws of gravity, and sand and concrete powder both have an incredibly similar texture on their block.

In addition to creating a colorful, sand-inspired build, players can also use concrete powder sparingly in their regular builds.

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