Top 5 Minecraft videos by Pixlriffs

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
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Jonny, more formally known as Pixlriffs or Pix, is an English gaming YouTuber who focuses on Minecraft. He is best known for his Minecraft Survival Guide videos, along with Skyblock.

He is also one half of the Hermitcraft Recap Team, along with ZloyXP, and the Recap is a weekly show that covers the events that happen on the popular Hermitcraft server.

He has been on YouTube since February 26, 2018 and has since gained lots of followers and subscribers due to his Minecraft Guide videos. For players interested in what Pixlriffs has to offer, below are his top 5 Minecraft videos, ranked in order by viewing popularity.

Pixlriffs Minecraft Videos

5) End Cities, Shulkers, and Elytra!

Once players beat Minecraft, they might feel lost when trying to figure out what to do next. End Cities spawn once the player has defeated the Ender Dragon, and can be quite useful for those who are aware of their existence.

In this video, Pixlriffs takes viewers through End Cities and while playing himself, gives tutorials on the items found within the End Cities, as well as how to defeat some of the mobs that can be found there.

This video has 2.7 million views and 40k likes.

4) Answering 303 Questions About Minecraft!

In this video, Pixlriffs answers 303 questions centered around Minecraft, some asking for tips and some rather deep questions. It is Pixlriffs' goal to answer each question within one to two sentences, sometimes answering with a singular word and not going in depth.

Some of the tips he gives are things regarding: how to transport villagers, theories about the Nether, what research labs are in the Tundra, and much more. This is a good video to watch if viewers are interested in learning more about Minecraft.

The video has 3.6 million views and 82k likes.

3) Surviving Your First Night!

This is the first video in Pixlriffs' Minecraft Survival Guide series, where he begins a new Minecraft world and shows players how to successfully survive their first night in Minecraft. The video goes as follows: Pixlriffs begins by gathering resources, crafting tools, building a small shelter, surviving the first night and exploring the world after the sun has risen.

While this is a guide on how to survive the first night, viewers should take note that Pixlriffs is showing off how he likes to go about the first day, meaning there are many different ways to work through this.

This video has 4.4 million views and 63k likes.

2) Answering 202 Questions About Minecraft!

In this video, Pixlriffs answers 202 questions about Minecraft. He reads questions from his viewers, and some of the questions include things such as: what kinds of tips could he give starter builders, which mob gives players the best drops, how do villagers turn into zombies, what is the best enchantment for swords, and many more.

Most of the questions are pretty generalized, meaning they are perfect for new and veteran players alike.

This video has 5.1 million views and 77k likes.

1) Raiding a Woodland Mansion!

In this video, Pixlriffs teaches viewers how to raid a woodland mansion. This includes him detailing what materials players might need in order to find a woodland mansion, as well as a few different weapons and finding paper via trading.

This is another video in Pixlriffs' Minecraft Survival Guide, where he both plays Minecraft and informs his viewers on how to successfully face certain challenges.

This video has 5.7 million views and 71k likes.

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