Top 5 things players should know about animal mobs in Minecraft

Animal mobs (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Animal mobs (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

In Minecraft, players can find various animals inspired by real-life animals. They can see animals like cows, rabbits, horses and more. Just like in the real world, players can farm these animals for their drops.

Some animals drop raw meat while others drop leathers and so on. Animal mobs like horses, donkeys and mules are used for traveling and storing items in Minecraft. Wolves, cats and axolotls are preferred as pets.

Even though these animals seem pretty normal, there are many hidden facts about them. This article shares some of those facts about different animal mobs in Minecraft.

Things Minecraft players should know about animal mobs in Minecraft

#5 - Horses can be crossbred with donkeys

A mule in Minecraft (Image via Gamers Decide)
A mule in Minecraft (Image via Gamers Decide)

In Minecraft, players can get more mobs of a specific animal by breeding two mobs. To breed mobs, players have to feed them specific foods. All mobs need a partner of the same kind to breed - except horses. Players can breed horses with donkeys to get mules in Minecraft.

Like donkeys, mules can have chests attached to them while players ride them like a horse.

#4 - Mobs are hostile to each other

 Chickens killed by a fox (Image via Reddit)
Chickens killed by a fox (Image via Reddit)

Many mobs in Minecraft are hostile toward each other. For example, foxes hunt chickens; guardians and axolotls attack almost all mobs; and so on. Due to their natural behavior, players will have to keep some of their pet mobs away from others. Tamed wolves can also be used for attacking other mobs as well as players.

#3 - Some mobs are scared of others

To provide a sense of reality, mobs are designed to be scared of something and have something they like. For example, foxes are scared of players and love to pick berries off bushes. Skeleton mobs are afraid of wolves while wolves love hunting skeleton mobs.

Players can use wolves to farm skeletons or use cats to keep creepers out of their homes.

#2 - New chunks load new animals

Hostile mobs can spawn when the light level is below seven in Minecraft. But this is not the case with animal mobs. Animal mobs rarely spawn in loaded chunks. In a new world, players end up killing all the animals nearby to get food and later fail to find animals for farming.

In such cases, they can visit new areas to find more animal mobs.

#1 - Wolves and cats can teleport to the player's location

A Wolf and cat (Image via Mojang)
A wolf and cat (Image via Mojang)

Tamed wolves and cats can teleport to where the player is no matter how far they are. This can be both good and bad. Players will have to protect their pets from teleporting to the wrong places, such as a lava pool. They can also use their teleportation ability to take them to a place that cannot be reached by walking.

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