Top 5 useless villager trades in Minecraft

Villager trading is a vital feature in the game (Image via Minecraft)
Villager trading is a vital feature in the game (Image via Minecraft)

Villager trading is one of the easiest ways to obtain different items in Minecraft. In the 1.14 Village & Pillage update, Mojang buffed the trading system by introducing new professions and improving villager trades.

Ever since that patch, players have relied heavily on villagers to get valuable items. By spending some emeralds, they can get food, enchanted books, diamond tools, weapons, armors, and so on.

Users can also obtain emeralds by trading items with villagers.

While most village trades are helpful and worth the value, some are just a waste of resources. This article lists some of the most useless trades in Minecraft that gamers can avoid to save their items.

Useless villager trades in Minecraft

5) Four pufferfish for one emerald

Fisherman (Image via Minecraft)
Fisherman (Image via Minecraft)

Pufferfish is one of the exotic fish players can find in Minecraft. Getting one without a farm can be annoying since they apply poison to any player who comes close to them.

Master-level fishermen will offer one emerald for four pufferfish. Rather than selling these animals, they should use them to make water-breathing potions.

4) Eight tripwire hooks for one emerald

To craft two tripwire hooks, gamers need an iron, a stick, and a plank. Master-level fletchers will buy eight tripwire hooks for one emerald.

It is a waste of resources, and on top of that, fletchers have better trades for emeralds. Users can sell sticks to fletchers for emeralds in Minecraft.

3) Four or five emeralds for one clock

Clock designs (Image via Minecraft)
Clock designs (Image via Minecraft)

Practically speaking, clocks are one of the most useless items in Minecraft. Players can use clocks to see their in-game time, but there is no need to do so. Instead of spending emeralds for a clock, players can just go outside to see the position of the sun or moon to identify time.

Expert level librarians can sell one clock for 4-5 emeralds. If players want a clock, they can just craft it using four gold ingots and redstone dust.

2) Seven emeralds for one item frame

Item frame (Image via Minecraft)
Item frame (Image via Minecraft)

Item frames are often used to mark chests in Minecraft. They are among the most straightforward items to craft.

To make one item frame, players need eight sticks and one leather. Expert level cartographers can sell one item frame for seven emeralds. Buying it at such a high cost would be a waste as they can easily craft them.

1) One diamond for an emerald

Armorers, toolsmiths, and weaponsmiths have one of the worst trades in Minecraft. They will buy one diamond for an emerald at journeyman or expert levels, clearly a scam.

Diamonds are among the rarest resources in Minecraft. Gamers should avoid trading these precious items for cheap emeralds.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the article's writer.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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