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Top 5 uses for bonemeal in Minecraft

Bonemeal items (Image via YouTube)
Bonemeal items (Image via YouTube)
Holly Ellison
Modified 29 Mar 2021
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Bonemeal is a commonly used, craftable item in Minecraft. Players can use bonemeal for several things. It is well-known for its ability to grow trees quickly.

Bonemeal can be crafted easily from skeleton bones. Players can get them by killing skeletons, finding them on the ground, fishing bones, or in select chests. Regardless of its availability in Minecraft, bonemeal is an incredibly useful resource.

5 Best uses for bonemeal in Minecraft

#1 - Growing

Bonemeal is most commonly known for growing trees and plants. Players can place bonemeal on almost any grass block, tree, or plant and expect it to grow within a short time.

Bonemeal can take a few tries to grow certain plants like trees; however, most of the time it grows vegetation on grass blocks within a few seconds.

This item is so useful and good at growing plants that there are only a few plants in the game that bonemeal doesn't help grow, here's the shortlist:

  • Cactus
  • Vines
  • Nether wart
  • Chorus plants
  • Sugar cane (Minecraft Java Edition only)

Apart from these, feel free to test out bonemeal's growing abilities in the garden or the forest.

#2 - Dyes

White dye Minecraft (Image via
White dye Minecraft (Image via

Bonemeal can be used as a dye in every edition of Minecraft, although the dye mechanics work slightly differently depending on which version the player has.

In Minecraft Java Edition, players cannot use bonemeal directly as a dye. The player must craft the bonemeal into white dye before applying it to items like wool, sheep, or beds.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can use bonemeal directly to dye their items white.

White dye is very useful for getting different colors in Minecraft. It can be used to create countless wool colors including gray, light blue, lime, magenta, and pink dyes.

#3 - Rare items

Minecraft colored firework (Image via YouTube)
Minecraft colored firework (Image via YouTube)

Many rare items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition require bonemeal. Some of these rare items include balloons, fireworks, glowsticks, and shulkers. Each of these items requires a bonemeal to turn them white. Bonemeal is also easy to use as a sort of default color for these items when crafting them.

Fireworks can be dyed white in creation, and then once again afterward to create a white fade effect when the firework is set off.

#4 - Banners

White banners (Image via Minecraftweb)
White banners (Image via Minecraftweb)

Every player will want a banner to decorate their house or base. Bonemeal is the only way to dye a banner lighter or white. Players can use many different designs provided in the game to create their own custom banners. Bonemeal (white dye) comes in very handy when players wish to remove a design from their banner.

#5 - Bonemeal block

Minecraft bonemeal block (Image via
Minecraft bonemeal block (Image via

Bonemeal is similar to coal and iron in the way that nine of them can be crafted into a bonemeal block. There are two main uses for bonemeal blocks.

Bonemeal blocks can be broken to obtain the same nine bonemeals, this means if players have an excess of bonemeal, they may want to store their bonemeal in block form in their chests.

Bonemeal blocks are also used as decorative blocks. The best part about using bonemeal blocks as decoration is that if turned on their side they have a circle pattern, to resemble regular bones. This can look great on a player's build and add some much-needed dimensions to Minecraft.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 18:41 IST
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