Top 5 uses of a comparator in Minecraft

A two-way repeater using comparators (Image via u/Bolnazzar)
A two-way repeater using comparators (Image via u/Bolnazzar)

Comparators were added to Minecraft in the 1.5 update. It is one of the first Redstone items that was added to the game. Even since its release, players have used it in many Redstone projects.

Players can craft a comparator using three stone blocks, three Redstone torches, and one nether quartz. With comparators, players can detect block states, such as whether there's an item in a chest. Players can also use it to subtract and compare different signal strengths.

Comparators are a vital part of many Redstone contraptions. This article shares some of the top uses for Redstone comparators.

Redstone comparators: Top five uses in Minecraft

#5 - Item sorters


It is common for players to end up with "chest monsters" after a building session. Manually storing items in their respective chests can get dull and boring.

An easy and efficient way to store items is by making an automatic item sorter. Using comparators, players can create item sorters in Minecraft.

#4 - Hopper clocks


In Minecraft, Redstone clocks are a Redstone circuit that creates a Redstone signal after specific time intervals. One of the most popular Redstone clocks is the hopper clock. In a hopper clock, there are two hoppers sending items to each other.

Using comparators, players can detect when there are no items left in a hopper. Then, the comparator triggers a sticky piston attached to a Redstone block. Players can use this Redstone block to get alternating signals.

#3 - Measuring signals from blocks

Receiving signals (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Receiving signals (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Other than decoration blocks, most blocks produce a signal depending on their state. Players can read the Redstone signal of a block using comparators.

For example, when a beehive or bee nest is ready for harvest, it will produce a signal of strength five. Players can read the signals using a comparator and create an automatic bee farm, which will activate when the comparator reads a signal of five.

#2 - Password circuits


Comparators are often used to create password circuits. These circuits will only open the door when a specific item is dropped in the storage block. Players can use password secrets to create entrances for their secret Minecraft bases.

#1 - Logic circuits


Redstone comparators are similar to real-life digital comparators. Using comparators, players can create logic circuits in Minecraft. YouTuber CraftyMasterman shares some popular logic circuits made with comparators.

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