Top 5 uses of observers in Minecraft

Observers (Image via Minecraft)
Observers (Image via Minecraft)

Observers are among the most used Redstone blocks in Minecraft. Ever since its release, Redstone engineers have loved the observer block.

Jeb first shared the idea for the observer block at Minecon 2012. However, it was added to the game much later in 2016 as part of the Exploration update. Using observers, players can detect whenever a block updates. This was game-changing as it opened doors to many Redstone contraptions, which were impossible before.

Players can craft an observer using six cobblestones, two Redstone dust, and nether quartz.

Some of the best ways to use observers in Minecraft

#5 - Decoration

A scarecrow (Image via Minecraft Designs)
A scarecrow (Image via Minecraft Designs)

Observers have a mean-looking face in front of them. Many players use them to decorate their bases in Minecraft. Observers can be used to create scarecrows for farm builds, as shown in the image.

#4 - Automatic farms

An automatic sugarcane farm (Image via JWhisp | YouTube)
An automatic sugarcane farm (Image via JWhisp | YouTube)

One of the primary uses of the observer is automation in farms. With observers, players can detect if something is ready for farming, and then, using the signal from observers, trigger the harvesting mechanism.

Automatic farms like sugarcane and bamboo farms rely heavily on observers to work correctly in Minecraft. They can detect when a sugarcane/bamboo grows and, in response, create a Redstone signal that activates a piston to break them.

#3 - Flying machines

Building flying machines is possible in Minecraft. Players can use a combination of sticky pistons, slimes, and observers to create a flying machine. Using boats or minecarts, players can also sit on the gadget and travel anywhere horizontally.

Similarly, players can also make an elevator in Minecraft. It is cool-looking but slower than soul and elevators.

#2 - Traps

A deadly bed trap (Image via Minecraft)
A deadly bed trap (Image via Minecraft)

Using observers, players can create traps, which only activate when the target does something specific. For example, players can create a TNT bed trap that uses an observer to detect if a player is sleeping. When a player right clicks on the bed, the observer will trigger a TNT that will kill the player.

#1 - World eater

Observers are used in large Redstone machines called world eaters. These machines use a TNT duping glitch to make extensive empty perimeters. World eaters destroy blocks up to the bedrock level until there's nothing else left. Open perimeter areas are used to build highly efficient mob farms.

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