Top 5 uses for torches in Minecraft

Many torches in Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)
Many torches in Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)
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Modified 04 May 2021
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Torches are an extremely useful item to have in Minecraft. Without torches, players would fall victim to mobs far more often than they do with small light sources. Each player's build would look dark and dreary, and mining would be nearly impossible.

But there are so many other uses for torches besides illumination in Minecraft. Players may wonder, what are these other uses for torches? Here are some of the best ways to use torches in Minecraft.

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5 Best uses for torches in Minecraft

#1 - Illuminating a base

Base illuminated by torches (Image via worldofmods)
Base illuminated by torches (Image via worldofmods)

One of the most common and useful purposes for torches is illuminating a player-built structure. Large bases often have rooms without any windows, and there's no way for these rooms to get natural light. The only way to illuminate these areas is with some sort of light source, usually torches.

Torches are the most readily available light item for players to use. They're small, easy to make and carry the classic Minecraft look. Oftentimes, players will find torches decorating both the inside and outside of their bases.

Torches are also great for illuminating gardens, docks, and trees that the player may not want to keep dark during the night. Illuminating the outside of a base will also help prevent creepers from blowing it up, and torches are oftentimes the best item to use for the endeavor.

#2 - Mining

Torches in caves (Image via azminecraft)
Torches in caves (Image via azminecraft)

Torches are also extremely useful for mines. Unlike bases, torches in mines only have the purpose of lighting up areas rather than decoration. When a player is mining they need to use the least amount of resources possible while still maintaining efficiency and keeping their tunnels well-lit.

Torches are perfect for illuminating mines and caves. They provide the necessary amount of light and are very easy to make.

#3 - Repeling Piglins

Soul light variants (Image via feedback. Minecraft)
Soul light variants (Image via feedback. Minecraft)

Players may be surprised to learn that there are two different variants of torches available to players. There are regular torches that provide warm, yellow light, and there are soul torches that give off light blue light. To make these torch variants, players only need to add a block of soul sand to their torch recipe.

These soul torches work the same as regular torches, except they have one added benefit, they repel Piglins. A soul torch won't save the player from a hostile piglin, but if the piglin is neutral towards a player, and the player places a soul torch, the piglin will avoid the soul torch area and the player who is near it. This can be useful for players who don't want to accidentally upset any nearby piglins by hitting them or breaking gold around them.

#4 - Jack o'Lantern

Torches are a requirement for creating one of Minecraft's most classic light sources, the jack o'lantern. Jack o'lanterns can be crafted with a torch and a pumpkin. Once these two items are combined, players will be able to place jack o'lanterns around their builds to provide light.

Jack O'Lanterns are perfect for Halloween-themed builds. They also help add some much-needed dimensions to builds that rely heavily on torches to light up their areas.

#5 - Lanterns

The last common use for torches is to create lanterns. Lanterns are one of the fanciest and resource-heavy light sources in the game, but they make up for it with their decorative charm.

To craft a lantern, players will need eight iron nuggets and one torch. After crafting a lantern, players will be free to place it wherever they please. Like the Jack O'Lantern, lanterns are perfect for livening up builds that rely too heavily on torches for their light.

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Published 04 May 2021
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