Top 5 ways to find Gold in Minecraft

Struck gold (Image via Minecraft)
Struck gold (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft players may have trouble finding gold as it can be quite elusive.

It is an uncommon ore in Minecraft and can only be found at height levels 0-31 (Y level). Even if players are searching for gold at those levels, it may still prove to be tough to uncover.

Luckily, gold can be found in any biome, so players won't have to worry about the location of their base or mines. While not the most useful ore, players never seem to have it when they need it.

Here's a guide to finding this ore in the game.

Five best methods to get gold in Minecraft

#5 - Mining at specified levels

A beautiful graph of how different minerals spawn (Image via u/tigeer on Reddit)
A beautiful graph of how different minerals spawn (Image via u/tigeer on Reddit)

As stated above, gold in Minecraft can only be found at levels 0-31. By looking at the graph above, players can see that gold spawns consistently in those levels, unlike coal, which generates more frequently the lower they get.

There is a common misconception among players that gold spawns similar to coal. This graph proves that misconception wrong.

While players can mindlessly mine these levels and run into gold, there are more efficient ways to uncover it in Minecraft.

#4 - Zombified Piglins

Oh no... (Image via Minecraft)
Oh no... (Image via Minecraft)

This one is for the violent players out there.

Zombified Pigmen can only spawn naturally in the nether wastes and crimson forest biomes. They have a 2.5% chance of dropping a gold ingot upon death, which can be increased by 1% with each Looting enchantment applied to a sword. This chance maxes out at 5.5% with Looting III, which isn't bad at all!

This strategy is the most dangerous as the nether is not a fun place. Ne(v)thertheless, with a Looting III sword and at least full iron armor, it can prove to be a good source of gold.

#3 - Drowned

Someone get a lifeguard! (Image via Minecraft)
Someone get a lifeguard! (Image via Minecraft)

This is another dangerous yet effective way of finding gold in Minecraft.

Similar to Zombified Pigmen, Drowned has a chance to drop a gold ingot upon death. This chance starts at 5% and can be increased to a maximum of 8% with Looting III. This is a better chance than Pigmen and is less dangerous if prepared.

It is recommended that players bring multiple potions of waterbreathing and armor with the Depth Strider enchantment for efficient water travel.

#2 - Bastion Remnants

Watch your step! (Image via Minecraft)
Watch your step! (Image via Minecraft)

Bastion Remnants are a great way of finding gold.

Bridges in the Bastion Remnants can sometimes house chests, which have a high chance of spawning gold.

There is a 12% of finding a Block of Gold (nine gold ingots) in the chest. There is also a 12% chance to get a gold ingot in these chests. If players are lucky, they can find both in the same chest!

Another reason why Bastion Remnants are great for gold is the Piglins that spawn there. As stated above, Zombified Piglins have a chance to drop gold ingots.

These factors combined make the Bastion Remnants the best way to find gold without spelunking.

#1 - Spelunking

Spelunky (Image via Minecraft)
Spelunky (Image via Minecraft)

Funny word, huh?

Spelunking is the act of traversing through Minecraft's vast cave systems. It is the most efficient technique for finding gold for many reasons.

First off, it is the least dangerous of all techniques. If the player can handle the occasional spider or creeper, they can take the caves. If the player is exceptionally good with a sword, they may even be able to get away with spelunking in leather armor!

Secondly, spelunking allows the player to quickly uncover vast amounts of ground, scanning the area for any gold veins. There is also a good chance of discovering mineshafts, which also provides gold in their many treasure chests. Spelunking will be an ever greater technique in Minecraft's upcoming update, Caves and Cliffs.

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