Top 5 ways to find lava in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Blocks of lava (Image via Minecraft)
Blocks of lava (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, players can stumble upon this runny orange liquid called lava. Lava is a light-emitting fluid block that causes fire damage, mostly found in lower world elevations.

Although lava may look pretty, players should be careful not to touch it. Lava is extremely dangerous to Minecraft players. If they happen to fall into a pool of lava, they only have a few seconds until they burn due to drowning.

Having armor can provide the player with a little extra protection against lava damage, however if they fall into the lava with no armor, they will have barely any time to escape it.

Unless the items are Netherite, when players drown in lava they cannot recover their items. Lava can be turned into obsidian by pouring water on top of it, but when inside a dark area, it can be used as a pretty good light source.

Players may also use lava as fuel for a furnace. A bucket of lava will last 1,000 seconds inside a furnace, that means it is able to smelt 100 items!

Lava is pretty easy to find around Minecraft. Players may spot this liquid while looting. In this article, they will learn 5 places to find lava in Minecraft.

5 locations to find lava in Minecraft


The Nether

The Minecraft Nether (Image via Minecraft)
The Minecraft Nether (Image via Minecraft)

The Nether is the most common place for players to find lava. It is different from the overworld, and players will need to create a Nether portal using obsidian, along with flint and steel to access it.

Players may notice that the Nether is basically made up of lava. Everywhere the player turns, they will see lava. The bottom of the Nether is just full of huge bodies of lava. If players need lava, this is the right place to go.

The only downside to this is that the Nether is a very hostile environment. It is very easy for players to die in there, and the mobs are much more hostile here.


Huge caves with lava (Image via Minecraft)
Huge caves with lava (Image via Minecraft)

It is very natural for players to find lava in the bottom of caves. Lava is seen more commonly in elevations of 16 and below. Players may also see a lava waterfall spewing down in a cave.

When inside a cave, it is important for them to remember to never dig straight down. Lava can sit under blocks and the player will have no way of knowing until they are drowning.


Huge Minecraft Ravine (Image via Minecraft)
Huge Minecraft Ravine (Image via Minecraft)

Finding lava in a ravine is almost a promise every time. Every ravine usually has at least a little bit of lava in the bottom of it. Ravines are large openings or land forms located around the Minecraft world.

These openings are very deep and players will most likely need to build their way down to it, jump into water, or waterfall themselves down into it. When dropping into most ravines, they will usually land anywhere from Y level 14-9.

Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansion (Image via Minecraft)
Woodland Mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Players may find just a little bit of lava inside woodland mansions. Two blocks of lava can be generated in the blacksmith's room, and 25 blocks of lava can be generated in the lava room.

Woodland Mansions are pretty rare structures for players to find. It is very rare for them to spawn near these buildings and they are only located in roofed forest biomes.


Stronghold with lava (Image via Minecraft)
Stronghold with lava (Image via Minecraft)

Players can find 15 blocks of lava inside strongholds in Minecraft. There will be three blocks along the side of each wall, and nine blocks will generate below the portal frame.

The stronghold is not very easy to access. Players will need to create an ender eye in order to get to it. Throwing down ender eyes will lead them in the direction in which the stronghold is located.

The stronghold is where players will need to go in order to beat the game. The end can be accessed using this portal.

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