Minecraft villager job blocks: Everything you need to know

Villagers and their workstations (Image via Reddit)
Villagers and their workstations (Image via Reddit)
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Villagers are among the oldest mobs in Minecraft. They have been in the game since the official release. At first, they were pretty dumb and had no particular use. Developers later added trading, a villager-exclusive feature.

Villagers may look dumb, but they are smart enough to trade items with players in Minecraft. In Minecraft 1.0, there were only five professions available for villagers. Since then, villagers have received many updates which added various new jobs.

As of Minecraft 1.17, there are 15 different professions available for villagers. Players can give villagers jobs by placing job blocks in front of them. This article covers all the available information about job blocks in Minecraft.

Job site blocks in Minecraft


Job blocks, also known as workstations, are craftable blocks that villagers use to do their job. Players can find various workstation blocks generating naturally in villages. Players can give a job to an unemployed villager by placing a workstation block near the villager.

Here are all the job site blocks available in Minecraft:


Librarians with their lecturns (Image via Reddit)
Librarians with their lecturns (Image via Reddit)

Lecturns are one of the most used workstations in Minecraft. Using lecturns, players can turn an unemployed villager into a librarian. Players can get any enchanted book from librarians. Lecturns are crafted using four wooden slabs and a bookshelf.

Blast furnance and smoker

Difference between Blast Furnace and Smoker | Riot Valorant Guide

Both the blast furnace and smoker are improved versions of the regular furnace. Using blast furnace, players can get an armorer villager, whereas smoker turns an unemployed villager into a butcher.

Armorer specializes in trading armor and armor-related items. On the other hand, butchers buy raw meat and sell cooked food items for emeralds.



Composters are used for turning unemployed villagers into farmers. Compared to other villagers, farmers are special and much more useful than just for trading. Players can use farmers for farming crops automatically as they can harvest grown crops.

Grindstone and smithing table

Smithing table recipe (Image via Minecraft)
Smithing table recipe (Image via Minecraft)

Grindstone block is used to get a weaponsmith, whereas a smithing table turns a villager into a toolsmith. Players can obtain enchanted swords, axes, pickaxes, and a lot more just for emeralds by trading with toolsmiths and weaponsmiths.

Brewing stand

Cleric villager (Image via Minecraft)
Cleric villager (Image via Minecraft)

Some players may not know that the brewing stand can be used as a workstation block for villagers. Brewing stands turn an unemployed villager into a cleric. This cool-looking villager sells valuable items like Ender pearls, redstone, bottle o' enchanting. Players can also sell useless rotten flesh to clerics.

Other job site blocks

The above-mentioned job blocks are mainly used to obtain valuable trades. Players can also use the following blocks:

  • Loom - Shepherd (wool related trades)
  • Stonecutter - Mason (stone related trades)
  • Cauldron - Leatherworker (leather related trades)
  • Barrel - Fisherman (Fishing related trades)
  • Fletching table - Fletcher (Archery related trades)
  • Cartography table - Cartographer (Maps related trades)

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