Top 5 must have farms in Minecraft (2021)

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Modified 25 Mar 2021
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Minecraft players have relied on farming since the game first came out.

There are many types of farms, with many different methods, machines, and styles to the activity. All of them are very specific to each player's wants and needs. Agriculture in the game takes preparation and effort, but will pay off sooner or later and benefit the player.

Here are the farms included in the following list:

  • Crops-a-Plenty
  • Carnivore's Dream Farm
  • XP/Mob Farms
  • Automatic Farming
  • The Renaissance Man's Farm (a touch of everything)

All of these farms fit the desires of many players in the community, and are able to be mix-and-matched to accommodate their needs.

Top 5 Minecraft Farms a Player Should Have in 2021

#5. Crops-a-Plenty Farm.

This farm relies on the flora rather than the fauna in the game. It may be a hassle for a player to corral mobs that can be butchered for food, so vegetables and fruits are the more stress-free choice in that scenario.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Seeds can be found easily, depending on the crop. Potatoes and carrots can be found in villages, while sugar cane can be discovered along the banks of rivers.

This is a great starter farm in Minecraft with plentiful output.

#4. A Carnivore's Dream Farm

Minecraft players who enjoy the sweet, imaginary taste of in-game beef need to give this farm a go.

There are many methods that can yield the same products - some more manual, and some entirely automatic. Either way, players can acquire plenty of protein for themselves to ensure they don't go hungry.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

#3. XP/Mob Farms.

XP farms are lucrative in providing experience to players who want to use anvils and enchantment tables without worrying about losing all of their hard-earned XP. Minecraft XP farms take any mob and place them into an automatic system that kills them, in order to churn out experience, along with other possible drops.


Farming mobs for their drops can also reap great benefits. Many mobs drop valuable items. Skeletons drop bones that can be used for bonemeal, and the remains of creepers can include gunpowder.

To find out how to make a simple zombie XP farm, read here.

#2. Automatic Farms.

If a player needs a quick, easy, and efficient way to farm crops, automatic farms are the way to go.

If players find themselves busy with other goals or projects, this is great way to keep the food supply consistent and available to the player. It's as easy as flipping a switch, as the farms are normally designed using Minecraft redstone.

#1. The Renassiance Man's Farm.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

This farm touches on everything that can be manipulated in favor of the Minecraft player: crops, meat, animal products, dyes, and more. This is the ultimate farm, considering that the player cultivates many crops and animals that improves the quality of life and likelihood of survival in the game.

Sugarcane (Image via Minecraft)
Sugarcane (Image via Minecraft)

Of course, a Minecraft farm doesn't have to include everything, but it should involve more than a couple of crops and animals, and perhaps a few items that would be considered miscellaneous.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 02:29 IST
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