Tropical fish in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

A guide on tropical fish in Minecraft (Image via Sportskeeda)
A guide on tropical fish in Minecraft (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Tropical fish are among the many types of fish in Minecraft, and they come in all sizes and colors. Some are red, others blue, and they can come in a bunch of different sizes.

Tropical fish have many uses for Minecraft players, and they can be significantly game-changing.

Here are some use for tropical fish in Minecraft


One of the many things players love to do in Minecraft is making their bases look awesome, and tropical fish can help with this. Those looking to make an aquarium will find that tropical fish make an excellent addition to the underwater landscape.

Users can also use them for a collection that they can display on the wall using item frames.

Underwater breathing

While the pufferfish may seem like an ordinary fish at first glance, gamers can use it to make a water-breathing potion. The materials needed for this potion are a brewing stand, three water bottles, blaze powder, nether wart, and of course, the pufferfish.

Step 1:

The first step to brewing a water-breathing potion is to craft the brewing stand. To do this, players will need a blaze rod and three cobblestone blocks. The blaze rod is often dropped by blazes found in the nether, and users can find the cobblestone through mining.

On the crafting table, the blaze rod goes in the center slot of the first row, and the three cobblestone blocks go in the row below it. Once this is done, players will have a brewing stand, ready to be placed anywhere in their Minecraft world.

Step 2:

The next step to brewing a water-breathing potion is gathering the materials. The ingredients needed will be some water bottles (crafted from three glass blocks), some blaze powder (crafted from blaze rods, dropped by blazes), some nether wart (commonly found throughout the nether), and the pufferfish.

To obtain a pufferfish, players will need to find one in a body of water and kill it.

Step 3:

The third step to brewing this water-breathing potion, and brewing any potion in Minecraft, is making the awkward potions. To create one, players need to place the blaze powder in the far left slot of the brewing stand, the nether wart in the top one, and the water bottles in the remaining three.

Once this is done, the potions will start brewing, and they will have the three awkward potions needed for the final step.

Step 4:

The fourth and final step to brewing an underwater breathing potion in Minecraft is adding the pufferfish.

The blaze powder is placed once again in the far left slot, but this time, the pufferfish goes into the top slot, and the awkward potions go into the bottom ones. Once the brewing is complete, gamers will be ready to breathe underwater.


Minecraft pranks

Another aspect tropical fish are used for is pranks. This one requires the pufferfish once again because it has a unique ability. When players place a pufferfish down (making sure it's in water, otherwise it will die), it causes anybody within a certain vicinity to be damaged.

A Minecraft pufferfish (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
A Minecraft pufferfish (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

This attribute can be used to prank friends or any unsuspecting visitors at the player's Minecraft base.

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