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Videogamedunkey releases satirical apology video to Minecraft YouTuber Dream 

Videogamedunkey has released a satirical apology video to Minecraft YouTuber Dream (Image via videogamedunkey/YouTube)
Videogamedunkey has released a satirical apology video to Minecraft YouTuber Dream (Image via videogamedunkey/YouTube)
Modified 28 Dec 2020

Popular YouTuber Videogamedunkey has released a satirical apology video to Dream, poking fun at the entire Minecraft cheating scandal and how it has been handled thus far.

The drama surrounding Dream's Minecraft speedrunning cheating scandal seems to be getting even larger. For those who are unaware, the incredibly popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream was found to have cheated by a collection of Minecraft Java Edition speedrunning moderators.

Dream has since then denied these allegations and released his own defense. Videogamedunkey recently released his own entire YouTube video poking fun at some of the flaws in Dream's response and highlighted the overall humor of the entire situation.

This article will be showcasing some of the jokes and lessons learned from videogamedunkey's recent YouTube video about Dream's response.

Videogamedunkey releases satirical apology video to Minecraft YouTuber Dream 

YouTuber Videogamedunkey has outdone himself with a new hilarious video about Dream's response and the entire Minecraft cheating scandal as a whole. The video is almost completely satirical, but videogamedunkey is able to express himself with just enough illusion of believability. That is the beauty in this brand of humor.

One of the things that Videogamedunkey does successfully point out in the video, is the concept of herd and witch-hunt mentality on the internet. The second that a strong case was made that Dream cheated his Minecraft speedrun, the internet and Minecraft community pounced on it.


This is fairly true, as Dream was blasted from all sides of Twitter and the internet calling him a cheater. Like it or not, Dream did not even get a chance to defend himself before this started occurring.

In addition, a large portion of people following this drama are not mathematicians or statistics experts. Many people took the arguments Dream made as gospel. without doing their own factchecking of the supporting document.

Videogamedunkey pokes fun at this by scrolling through the findings report that supports Dream very quickly and saying, "I am just doublechecking this math here. yep, yeah, yeah... there is no way in the world he cheated". Clearly, there is no way someone would be actually able to evaluate the math in a handful of seconds.

This video is funny, but there are some powerful facts of life being pointed out here. In his response, Dream spent a great deal of time setting up the legitimacy and qualifications of the expert who authored the math behind his defense.

However, the actual name of the individual or name of the University that the expert teaches at were never released. Videogamedunkey makes a snide remark about this, claiming that the expert has "a Ph.D in astronauts," identifying that there is no proof of this individual's qualifications. Until there is actual proof, words are just words.


Was this a clever technique by Dream in attempt to dissuade people from taking a deep dive into the actual math? Also, if someone is told something by someone who they believe to be a qualified expert, are they not more likely to take the information at face value?

Eventually, the truth will come out. In the meantime, though, there is bound to be plenty of continued drama and jokes to be had about the entire situation.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 02:44 IST
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