What do cats eat in Minecraft 1.19 update?

Tamed cats (Images via Minecraft Wiki)
Tamed cats (Images via Minecraft Wiki)
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There is an ever-growing list of mobs in Minecraft, and the 1.19 update introduced several new ones, like tadpoles, frogs, Allays, and the Warden. Frogs immediately became a fan favorite among players who are now routinely trying to collect the tiny creatures and breed them.

Frogs can be kept as pets, much like many other mobs, including axolotls, foxes, and more. However, they cannot be tamed. There are only a few tameable mobs in Minecraft:

  • Cats
  • Horse
  • Wolves
  • Donkeys
  • Parrots

With the exception of horses and donkeys, these pets need to be fed their preferred item so they can be tamed, breeder, or both. Cats are very popular pets to have. Here's what they need to be fed.

Two items Minecraft 1.19 players can feed cats

Cats eat two items, which is more than most tameable mobs. Parrots only eat seeds, and wolves only eat bones โ€” not while being fed post-taming. Cats, however, can eat raw cod or raw salmon. Either of the two fish can be fed to a cat.


In order to tame them, that's what players have to do. However, prior to being tamed, cats will run away from any player they encounter. The only exception is if the player approaches the creature while crouched (Bedrock Edition feature) or in Peaceful mode (Java Edition feature).

With each fish fed to a stray cat, the player has a chance to tame it, much like how taming works with wolves. In theory, a cat could be tamed with just one fish, but it could also take a lot more to get the job done.

Breeds of cats (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Breeds of cats (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Once a cat is tamed, they do not change food items. Tamed wolves no longer eat bones when they are being fed, but cats continue eating the two aforementioned kinds of raw fish.

Feeding them will put also send them into love mode, which can result in a kitten. The kitten will be born tamed by the owner of the two parents.

Where to find cats

Cats in Minecraft can spawn in a few locations. Primarily, they're found running around villages. According to the Minecraft Wiki, there are a few stipulations that need to be met to get cats to spawn in Java Edition:

"Untamed cats spawn in villages as long as there are at least five claimed beds within 48 blocks and at most four cats within a 97ร—17ร—97 box centered around the spawn position."

This also means that players who make their own villager farms for trading will see plenty of cats spawn. For Bedrock, the spawning works a little bit differently:

"A village periodically spawns stray cats to fill a quota of 1 cat per 4 owned beds, up to a maximum of 5 cats for 20 or more owned beds. Only owned beds (those currently claimed by a villager) are counted for this purpose."

Additionally, black cats spawn in witch huts alongside the witch. This cat will never be despawned and is the best chance to find a black cat since they are fairly rare.

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