What is Friendly Fire in Minecraft?

Friendly Fire (Image via Pinterest)
Friendly Fire (Image via Pinterest)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Video games are always fun to play in a group and Minecraft is no exception. Since its early days, the title has featured single and multiplayer options. The latter was added to Minecraft in 2009.

12 years later, Minecraft's multiplayer system has come a long way. These days, mega servers are capable of hosting thousands of players at a time. However, with so many players, admins and moderators can run into issues dealing with mobs of players.

Minecraft provides many helpful settings for multiplayer servers. While they may not always be enough, players can still use them to create a healthy multiplayer environment.

This article talks about Friendly Fire in Minecraft and how to enable/disable it.

Friendly Fire in Minecraft

PvP battles (Image via Minecraft)
PvP battles (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, players can change various game rules using settings and commands. Changing regulations and settings affect gameplay features like entity cramming limit, number of players needed to skip the night, tick speed, etc. Some of them are only available for multiplayer servers.

Friendly Fire is an option in Minecraft, which, when turned on, allows players to attack each other. If Friendly Fire is disabled, players cannot engage in PVP battles. PVP servers have Friendly Fire always enabled, while peaceful servers usually have it switched off.

Bedrock players may have seen the Friendly Fire option as shown during world creation. By default, Friendly Fire is always turned on. As it is on, when other players join the world, they will attack each other.

How to disable Friendly Fire in Minecraft


Having Friendly Fire turned on can sometimes lead to unexpected betrayals from friends in Minecraft. PVP battles are common, and there's nothing else to do when caught in a battle except fighting back. Players can avoid such scenarios by disabling Friendly Fire in Minecraft.

To disable Friendly Fire, Bedrock players will have to use the PVP game rule command. However, in Java Edition, players can disable PVP by using the server settings provided by their server host.

Using command (Image via Minecraft)
Using command (Image via Minecraft)

Bedrock players will have to use cheats to disable Friendly Fire. After enabling cheats, type the following command in the chatbox and press enter.

/gamerule pvp false

After pressing enter, Friendly Fire will be disabled in the Minecraft world. Players can enable Friendly Fire by changing the condition to true.

There's a downside to using commands. If a player enables cheats, the achievement system will be permanently disabled. Players won't receive any achievements after using cheats in Minecraft Bedrock.

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