What happens when players kill a raid captain in Minecraft?

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

During a raid in Minecraft, a special type of illager may spawn called a raid captain; this illager will spawn with a banner on top of their head.

One popular thing to do in Minecraft is to summon a raid. Raids can be summoned once players stumble across a pillager outpost, which is a pretty common structure found throughout Minecraft, always near a village.

Once all the pillagers and the leader inside of the outpost are killed, the player should have the "Bad Omen" status effect. If the player runs into the village with the status effect, a raid will be triggered.

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The raid captain in Minecraft

Finding a raid captain

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Raid captains will always be the mob with a banner on their heads. The banner may have different patterns at times, but there will always be a banner.

When the captain is killed, the banner will drop, but other illagers will run to grab it, so be sure to pick it up quickly.

Killing a raid captain

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

To end the raid, players must either win or lose the raid. To win the raid, players need to kill every illager. In contrast, to lose the raid, players need to let the illagers either kill every villager within the village or destroy every bed.

When the raid captain itself is killed, they will drop the banner upon their head. This is the only way for players to receive a raid banner.

Killing a raid captain will also give the player the Bad Omen status effect, which is the same effect that starts a raid when a player walks into a village.

The status effect can last up to an hour and forty minutes, so players should be sure to avoid all other villages until the status effect is up unless they want to start another raid.

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