Top 5 underwhelming potions in Minecraft

So many colors! (Image via Pngwng)
So many colors! (Image via Pngwng)

Minecraft is home to a plethora of potions and effects, but some are not as good as players might think.

Whether this is due to the potion's effect not living up to the name or the result not accomplishing much, all potions deserve fair treatment.

With that being said, here are (subjectively) the most unfortunately underwhelming potions in Minecraft!

Five most disappointing potions in Minecraft

#5 - Potion of Luck

Feeling lucky? (Image via Minecraft)
Feeling lucky? (Image via Minecraft)

The Potion of Luck is just one of those potions that when players hear what it does, they are disappointed.

After drinking a potion of luck, they will receive better loot in generated chests for a max of five minutes. Now, this isn't terrible, obviously, but how many times is a player really going to use this potion throughout their Minecraft playthrough?

On top of that, this potion cannot be acquired without cheating! Why would anyone want a potion that increases drop quality when they can just cheat the item in?

#4 - Potion of Invisibility

The (somewhat) invisible man! (Image via Minecraft)
The (somewhat) invisible man! (Image via Minecraft)

For many reasons, the Potion of Invisibility is a giant letdown.

Firstly, while the player's character is invisible after drinking it, their armor and held item are completely visible. This makes sneak attacking using the potion quite arduous.

On top of that, mobs can still see the "invisible" player if they are close enough. This length is lessened if the player is wearing armor.

#3 - Potion of Slowness

Slowpoke (Image via Minecraft)
Slowpoke (Image via Minecraft)

The Potion of Slowness needs to be stronger!

Level one subtracts 15% speed to the inflicted at a max of four minutes. This is quite a low percentage and barely affects running speed enough to cause a significant problem.

With level two, it subtracts 60% of the player's speed, though only for 20 seconds. If the level two potion lasted for at least one minute, it wouldn't belong on this list.

Due to the time and resources needed to brew it, the potion of slowness is quite underwhelming for what it is.

#2 - Potion of Leaping

Leap Ericson (Image via Minecraft)
Leap Ericson (Image via Minecraft)

How many Minecraft players use this potion regularly?

Putting aside the rarity that this potion is ever used, the Potion of Leaping is mechanically bad.

At level one, it doesn't even allow players to jump a two-block-high wall. At this point, the potion is virtually useless. Luckily, at level two, gamers can finally jump that two-block wall! How wonderful!

On the bright side, this potion does reduce fall damage slightly.

#1 - Potion of the Turtle Master

Are we there yet? (Image via Minecraft)
Are we there yet? (Image via Minecraft)

This potion's name might lead the player to get excited about what its effects will bring.

As soon as they drink the potion, they are immediately let down. At max level, it provides Slowness VI (6) and Resistance IV (4) for 20 seconds. This brew is great if players want to be a completely useless tank for 20 seconds!

On a lighter note, it is still fun to prank friends with occasionally!

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Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

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