What is the highest level of protection in Minecraft?

Enchanted armor Image via Mojang
Enchanted armor Image via Mojang
Modified 05 May 2021

There are four levels of Minecraft's protection enchantment.

This enchantment can be added to armor and turtle shell helmets through either an enchantment table or on an anvil. Each level gives the player's armor resistance to most types of damage.

What is the highest level of protection in Minecraft?

Enchanted book Image via Mojang
Enchanted book Image via Mojang

Players can use the enchantment table to enchant armor with protection up to level four. The enchantment table needs XP and lapis lazuli from the player to enchant any type of armor or turtle shell with protection.

An anvil can add enchantments to equipment using an enchanted book. Enchanted books are typically found as loot in generated structures. These books can also be bought from librarians for emeralds or dropped by vindicators at despawn. If a player doesn't want to enchant the armor themselves they can try buying enchanted armor from villagers as well.

When a player goes to enchant armor using an anvil it is worth noting that it has to be set up in a particular order. An anvil in Minecraft has two entry slots and one output slot. Players that are enchanting their armor will need to place it in the first input slot. Enchanted books go into the second input slot for anything to appear in the output slot.

Anvils in Minecraft can be used to increase the level of an enchantment. This is done by placing two of the same enchantment books into the anvil. The books need to have the same enchantment at the same level for this to work.

Minecraft players cannot increase an enchantment level past its maximum level limit. For example, a player can turn two level-three protection books into one level four. However, two level-four books will not make anything.

An enchantment table can be used to enchant the armor directly or enchant books. The Minecraft armor gets placed in one input slot with some lapis lazuli in its designated spot. Doing this will cause a list of enchantments to appear in an odd language. The player can pick the desired enchantment from the list in exchange for their lapis lazuli and the player's experience level.

Published 05 May 2021
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