What to do with a Stonecutter in Minecraft?

Image via Logdotzip/YouTube
Image via Logdotzip/YouTube
Modified 05 Dec 2020

A Stonecutter in Minecraft is used to craft stone-related blocks that can be utilized for whatever a player desires.

Building is one of the core gameplay elements in Minecraft that millions of individuals have enjoyed doing since the game's release. The different kinds of builds that people have done are truly endless, from the simplest house to an entire extravagant city.

There will likely come a time, where the Minecraft builder will need to get their hands on a specific stone-related block. In order to move quickly and possibly save some resources, players can utilize a Stonecutter.

This article will be breaking down what a Stonecutter is and how to use it in Minecraft.

What to do with a Stonecutter in Minecraft?

Stonecutters can be used by Minecraft players to transform a variety of different stone-related blocks into others. The majority of things that a player can craft at a Stonecutter can be done at a crafting table. However, it can save a lot of time and potentially extra resources to use a Stonecutter instead.

As an example, when a Minecraft player uses a crafting table to make stone stairs, it requires six blocks of stone and will, in turn, produce four stone stairs. However, if a Minecraft player were to use a Stonecutter instead, they would be able to transform each piece of stone into a stone stair. In the long run, this would save players a ton of resources.

In terms of saving time, a Stonecutter also allows players to skip some potential crafting steps that they would encounter when using a crafting table. The most well-known example is that a player can directly turn a stone block into chiseled stone bricks.

Acquiring a Stonecutter

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Crafting a Stonecutter is actually pretty simple. All a Minecraft player will need to do is combine three pieces of stone and a single iron ingot in a crafting table. Stonecutters can also randomly be generated in villages, as they are the job site block for stone masons.

Minecraft players should note that a pickaxe is required to mine and successfully gather a Stonecutter.

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Published 05 Dec 2020
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