What are the uses of slime in Minecraft?

A slime's face in Minecraft (Image via WallpaperSafari/Minecraft)
A slime's face in Minecraft (Image via WallpaperSafari/Minecraft)

Slimes in Minecraft are exactly what they sound like. However, the shape they exhibit is that of a cube and not that of a sphere, which is due to the game’s obvious affinity with blocks. These green-colored mobs are found in areas known as “slime chunks,” which are located below y level 40 and do not depend on the atmospheric light level.

Slimes also tend to spawn inside swamp biomes situated between the Y levels of 70 and 50 at night, or specifically, below the light level of seven. Their spawn also depends on the moon cycle of the game, as they have the highest chance of spawning when the full moon is displayed and no possibility of spawning when a new moon is displayed.

Slimes in Minecraft: What are they used for?


In Minecraft, when slimes are killed, they drop slimeballs. The only other mob that drops slimeballs is the baby panda mob, which is even rarer than the slime mob. This makes slimeballs one of the rarest items in the game.

The primary use of slimes depends on this very item. Slimeballs serve as one of the main ingredients or crafting materials in a ton of different recipes. Every other crafting recipe that involves slimeballs and, therefore slimes, are listed below:

  • Lead: A lead is a rope-like item that is used to tie mobs to fences or by players to guide their pets or animals they have built their “trust” factor with. Leads require four pieces of string and one slimeball to craft.
  • Magma Cream: Magma cream is an item that is used as an ingredient in the process of brewing. The Potion of Fire Resistance is crafted using this item. Magma cream is crated using one blaze powder and one slimeball.
  • Slime block: Slime blocks are blocks with adhesive properties that can be used by the player to bounce or in redstone contraptions. A slime block is crafted using nine slimeballs.
  • Sticky Piston: Sticky pistons are mostly used in Redstone contraptions to move blocks and other entities into place, mostly using automation.

Minecraft is known for having a ton of different mobs in the game. Most of the game’s mobs drop useful items when killed. While many mob drops are shared amongst mobs, like leather being shared as a drop between cows and horses, others are specific to a single mob. Additionally, the rarity of the mob plays a huge factor in determining how valuable that particular item is.

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