When can fans expect Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update's release date announcement?

Minecraft's The Wild Update is widely anticipated for many reasons (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft's The Wild Update is widely anticipated for many reasons (Image via Mojang)

Announced during Minecraft Live 2021, version 1.19 known as The Wild Update is bringing plenty of new content to the game's natural world.


Slated for 2022 upon announcement, many players are curious as to when the specific date of the update will be announced by Mojang. The company's social media pages have been relatively mum on the update since its reveal, likely allowing the community to build hype.

Most posts from the game's official Twitter account are regarding a few different social media challenges, some free maps on the marketplace, and Dungeons' Cloudy Climb Adventure. However, one announcement (that was later canceled) may have been linked to The Wild Update.

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The Wild Update and a postponed event for Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft Now was recently postponed due to Covid-19 concerns (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Now was recently postponed due to Covid-19 concerns (Image via Mojang)

Mojang recently announced on their official Twitter page that Minecraft Now, one of the game's foremost events for update announcements and community engagement, has now been temporarily postponed due to safety concerns around Covid-19.

Considering the size and scope that this event usually entails, it's entirely possible that developments on The Wild Update and its release date may have been pushed back along with it. There's no guarantee of this, but Mojang tends to make all of their most substantial announcements at larger events instead of broadcasting them on social media.

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We always think about safety here @Mojang that’s why we’ve postponed the next Minecraft Now to ensure we comply with local Covid-19 rules.You can learn more below and help us prepare for episode two by tagging your warden art with #MinecraftNowSubmitℹ️

With the event being postponed, Mojang may look to alternative methods to announce the final 2022 release date of The Wild Update. If they don't seek an alternative, Mojang may simply announce the release date when Minecraft Now returns. However, the longer the event goes on without happening, the more likely that Mojang will make the announcement via another method.

There's likely little doubt that the company already has a development timeline in place and know when version 1.19 will be ready, so they won't want to take too long for an announcement.

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It isn't yet clear when Mojang will have The Wild Update released, but it is known that it will be released this year. That doesn't offer many details, but the game's developers are rarely lacking when it comes to making their announcements when they consider the time appropriate.

News on The Wild Update could be coming sooner rather than later, but for now players will need to keep an eye on Mojang's official accounts for any developments.

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